DS #2328: Keikishi Gunzou Presents: Monoshiri Bakumatsu-Ou (Japan)

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    I found a summary for this game at play-asia

    Learn the facts related to one of the most turbulent times in Japan, the Bakumatsu period. During this period, the power shifted from the Bakufu (the shoguns) toward the crown once again and several armed factions with different theories as to how to rule the country were established. The game introduced three of these factions, the shinsengumi that supported the Bakufu, the armed revolutionaries that rebelled against the existing system and the third faction aimed to strengthen the country through peaceful means.

    Choose to enter one of these three factions and unite Japan through persuading people from the other factions to join you. Collect information, decide on who to go to the negotiations with and proceed toward meeting your opponents. The negotiations are a set of quizzes on historical facts related to the period, so pay attention to the information you have acquired earlier. Getting the answers right in the quizzes will sway your opponents toward you and thus join you in your quests.

    Video of it is located here
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    Could be pretty good for people interested in the history (me) but way too text heavy to play in Japanese.