DS #1669: Dragon Tamer: Sound Spirits (Japan)

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    Pokemon, but with dragons? x.x
  3. bollocks

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    Apr 29, 2005
    yes, and you get new dragons by recording sounds from different sources, apparently.

    if i ever play this, all of my dragons will be generated by swear words.
  4. ConraDargo

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    Dec 29, 2003
    Cool, if this ever comes out in English, then I'll at least give the game a try.

    Its got dragons in it, come on!
  5. Dragonlord

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    Sep 17, 2003
    Hm... dragons... if though now this would be something else than the typical crap ( kill or ride or tame ) then it would be something "new". I'll though give this a try just because of pseudo-dragons. Let's see how they used the DS features in this one.

    EDIT: Made an error, this one is working on SuperCard.
  6. kaisai

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    i like dragons, so i hope its doesnt suck
  7. GameDragon

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    As much as I like dragons, I think I just might pass on this on. It just doesn't appeal to me.
  8. Dragonlord

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    Sep 17, 2003
    Well I guess it's time for a short review of what I've seen so far.

    About the story I can of course not say much since I don't understand jack but from the images it looks to me like the typical RPG crap story. Some guy with a guitar ( this thing is important in fact ) somehow gets the ability to see/use/whatever dragon like things. On the other side is some fanatic guy who seeks world domination or something like that using the same dragon like things. The rest should be easy to guess for everyone beyond the baby age. Chances are if you understand the language there's more to it but so far it looks as dull as your next door's neighbor.

    The moving around is done in a 2/3 world view. Battle sequences are made in full 3D with 2D background. Animations are surprisingly detailed and not edgy. This good surprise is though quickly send to hell once you see an enemy looking similar to one you have met before when it's blowing you in the face: animation recycling! All enemies looking similar ( which are a lot to be precise ) use the very same animations which looks so damn cheap that it's not funny anymore. There are only a few types of enemies if you look at the animations which makes it pretty boring soon. Otherwise the graphics are good.

    Don't know, I always disable it while playing DS games. I'll try to listen to them once upon time to have some opinion abuot.

    Game Play / Controls:
    You navigate in the world using a dump map where you can only click on selected locations. Done so you end up in a sort of dungeon no matter if this is a cave or some island. You are represented by a little dragon icon. Click with the style to move to the given location. Plus point credited for intelligent path finding so you can click at points around multiple corners and you get there without getting stuck on the way. Otherwise this is your typical dungeon crawler. Find chests, do random battles you have no chance to foresee and bump into visible choke point enemies with finally a boss at the end. There's only one map so no multiple floors or other tricks.

    Battles are the next to most boring thing in the game. You can have a team of 3 "things" ( I label those things "things" since calling them dragons is for 99% of them just ridiculous ) in the front row and 3 as replacements for the case somebody in the front row faints or gets one of the very annoying status problems. You can only do a regular attack, defend, increase DF points or launch a special attack. It is as boring as it sounds. Most of the time you use the regular attack ( you have no chance to choose or alter in any way ) which slowly increases your DF points. The special attack always comes first consuming 10 DF points ( which are shared among your things ) and again it can not be chosen or altered in any way. As always the special attack can be offensive or defensive in nature including completely unusable ones with recoil. You can not use any items in a battle nor can you run from them. Good thing though is that you can flee from the dungeon at any time without restriction going back to heal at the base and then continue. You have to start at the begin of the dungeon but path blocking enemies you cleared stay cleared. You can reenter a dungeon once cleared to clear it a second time but then it's over and only random battles remain. Annoying though is the way you have to go through dungeons. You have a stupid dragon thing with wings but no you have to criss-cross around dozens of corners instead of flying across a small gap so you end up in tons of time consuming random battles just for the demonic satisfaction of the game developers.

    For RPGs the most important is the level system as this is the only thing apart from the story which can hold up an RPG and keep you playing. Here too the game fails like nothing else. Yours things have the most basic stats in existance: HP, Att, Def, Speed. Of course there are levels but once you try to grind you quickly hit the max level which are ridiculous 5 levels. Yes, once your thing hits level 5 it's maxed out. I don't know if later in the game you can increase this limit like it is possible in Digimon World for example but I doubt it. Ridiculous limits always hurt games in the past and this is going to hold true for the future ( so why game developers never learn from the past? :/ ).

    The most notable part of the game is the creation of new things. Whenever you clear a dungeon you obtain an egg or later on some sort of crystal. Now comes the microphone into play. Go to the base and try to hatch the egg. While hatching you have to use your microphone. I first tried holding the microphone at my speakers where music has been playing but this causes the hatching to fail. Humming a little melody into the microphone seems though to be enough to get the hatching to succeed any time. Never had duplicate things so far so I guess there's some code in to prevent duplicates which is a good thing as otherwise this would be very tedious. This is also the place your guitar comes into play. That guy somehow tortures his guitar a bit ( same cut scene every time you can't skip ) and woot-o-woot a dragon like thing pops out. There's not more to it though.

    In total the game is blunt to say it gently. Battles are annoying at best. Except a few of them only some "things" are really dragons the rest are various animals with wings and tails slapped on them. I've seen way more creative dragon creations in other RPG games than this one here but okay Japan knowns shit about dragons compared to China for example ( in a mythological sense of course [​IMG] ). If only you could alter your "things" by distributing skill points or learning new skills at all this would have been a little bit interesting but this way it's a mindless RPG game without a lot of depth. Dragons alone won't make a game good which is shown well in this case.

    5/10 ( mediocre game only recommended for die hard dragon fanatics with lots of time to waste )
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    Jan 4, 2007

    [​IMG] ROFLOL!