DS #1660: Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou (Japan)

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    Jan 10, 2006
    This game's got so much Japanese in it, even this guy doesn't understand it

    Seriously though, I've no idea what's going on with this game, it seems to be hosted by Dr Kawashima's evil twin

    Hmm, if you keep pressing through everything you seem to go back to 1984 as some kid playing video games with his friend. You pick one from a shelf and play it on the top screen with your character still sitting playing on the bottom screen. Your friend reacts by being impressed when you get power ups etc. Looks like some evil disembodied head sets you challenges on retro games or something.

    Edit: "You shooted 28 asteroids" [​IMG]

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    Thats exactly the same thing I thought [​IMG] .
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    Wired's impressions:
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    This is pretty good actually, I can only dream that it comes out over here. This is how to do mini games on the DS!
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    Jan 14, 2007
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    If this came out in English, whether that meant a Euro or USA version, I'd try it, it sounds interesting and I'm all for retro games, but since it's all in completely unintelligible (to me) Japanese, I'll pass.
  7. dakeyras

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    Oct 1, 2007
    The concept is pretty awesome..but it's hard to keep up playing when you don't know what kind of goal you have to strive for. [​IMG]
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    Hmm, it feels like I'll have to try this soon... If only there was some game with furigana (except Goemon DS)... I like furigana!! [​IMG]
  9. deufeufeu

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    Nov 21, 2005
    worth a fan translation maybe ?
  10. Issac

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    Apr 10, 2004
    well.. Ganbare Goemon would need a fan-tran... but that's probably just me [​IMG]

    This seems like it could be fun, and maybe needs to be fan-tranned as well!
  11. Torte

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    Jun 10, 2006
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    Was waiting for this... tried playing the NES version a few months ago... kicked my ass.
  12. Smiths

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    I love this TV Show (got all eps in AVI on my Xbox, and bought the DVD collections when available from Amazon Japan)

    Arino's insane, and this game is nuts with the Virtual Arino telling you you're going to return to your childhood and help him become a gaming master.

    I love it.
  13. jirom

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    This game is great! [​IMG]
    A must play for old school gamers.
    I'm on the 5th game and I've been really enjoying it so far.
    It's like playing much improved versions of the classic nes games.

    If you have trouble with some objectives, just tell me and I might be able to help. [​IMG]
  14. Magus


    Oct 26, 2002
    yeah a list of objective would be nice,i'm not able to finish the second objective of the first game,i even cleared it (cleared as "finished all the 64 stages") then i didn't save because of how i pissed i was for not being able to continue thanks to the language barrier
  15. jirom

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Please don't post this anywhere else without my permission. [​IMG]
    Just link to this page if possible, ty.

    You can also find cheats and tips for the games by reading the magazines. The button combinations are highlighted and are usually done in either the pause screen or main menu.

    Cosmic Gate
    1. Clear stage 5.
    2. Get inside 2 warp gates (Warp gates appear when you defeat some of the blinking enemies, not sure if it's random or not)
    3. Destroy largest asteroid in asteroid zone
    4. Score 200,000 points

    Haguru Man (I really have no idea if the objectives on this part are accurate, but I did pass this part doing these +_+)
    1. Defeat 2 enemies (at the same time?) by jumping on them.
    2. Finish level 1-3 without using shuriken
    3. Finish level 1-4 without dying.
    4. Finish floor 8

    Rally King
    1. Use DriftBoost 2 times. (press 'A' again while turning)
    2. Finish course 1 without dying.
    3. Get at least rank 5 in course 2
    4. Score 15,000 points. (easy 10,000 points by using shortcut at course 1)

    Star Prince
    1. Defeat Area 1 Boss.
    2. Get a 1up by either getting 50,000 points or by finding a hidden tomato.
    3. Defeat Area 2 Boss.
    4. Score 250,000 points.

    Rally King SP
    1. Finish course 1 without drifting.
    2. Finish course 2 under 2'28.
    3. Use start booster (Hold 'A' a little bit before the countdown timer changes to 2)
    4. Finish course 3.

    Haguru Man 2
    1. Defeat 2 enemies at the same time by opening a door.
    2. Collect 3 scrolls.
    3. Find and defeat the boss hiding in one of the doors. (The easiest way to do this is turn all the doors into one color, then go into one by HOLDING up. If he's not in one of the doors, just keep repeating the process.)
    4. Clear floor 4.

    In the next game, you need to save in order to clear the quest.
    Guadia Quest
    1. Reach the "Town of the Farthest Ends" (????????. (You can reach the town by going south from the starting town [Sentoran Empire ????????]
    2. Reach level 7 (or 8?).
    3. Accumulate 1000mane (currency of the game)
    4. Defeat the Boss in floor B4F of Demon's Dungeon. (Demon's Dungeon is located NW of the 2nd town)

    Also, a short translation guide for the game:
    When you press 'A' the command menu will open.
    ???-items (Items on the start of the list are usually recovery items. Equipments are on the end of the item list)
    >>>???????-use this to SAVE the game.
    >>>??????(recovery meat) - heals some hp

    Short magic list:
    ??? -heals a little HP 2mp
    ???? -heals more than ?? 4mp
    ????? -teleports to a place you've been to ?
    ????? -I think this lowers encounter chance ?

    ???? -raises defense ?
    ???? -raises speed ?
    ???? -wakes up party members from sleep ?

    ??? -magic that deals some damage 3mp
    ?????? -magic that hits all opponents 5mp
    ??? -deals more damage than ???? 4mp

    ???? -puts enemy to sleep ?
    ???? -lowers the all the stats of the enemy ?

    Weapon store list: English Translation Mane
    ??????? -Warrior's Sword 120
    ??????? -Rapier Sword 100
    ??????? -Silver Knife 150
    ??????? -Terra Axe 2000
    ????????? -Arabian Sabre 1600
    ??????? -Warrior's Armor 400
    ?????? -Rune Armor 1000
    ???????? -Sorcerer's Robe 1300
    ?????? -Warrior's Shield 350
    ??????? -Rune Shield 800
    ??????? -Warrior's Helm 300
    ?????? -Rune Helm 900
    ????????? -Wind User's Hat 1600

    To revive a fallen character, just go talk to the guy in the stall with a wand sign.

    =====Haguru Man 3=====
    1. Buy the 3 shot gear (400 screws/bolts?) and equip it.
    2. Use the 3 shot gear to destroy one of the regenerating trees.
    3. Clear Episode 1.
    4. Defeat 100 enemies in episode 2.

    =====Final Challenge=====
    Finish all 8 games.

    *****Tips, Tricks, & Cheats*****
    (These will help for the final challenge, especially Rally King xD)

    =====Cosmic Gate=====
    Warps - When the stage begins, don't shoot and wait till the flashing enemy just stops and take it's position. If you shoot it,
    a warp will appear. Shoot the warp gate enough times and you'll be teleported 3 stages ahead.

    In cosmic gate there's supposed to be a mega warp at stage 1 that warps you
    directly to the final stage, unfortunately my Japanese isn't enough to decipher through
    the Kanjis. =/

    Warp to stage 14 - Get the warp in stage 1 but don't enter it. In stage 2, get the warp again,
    this time you'll see it glowing in different colors. If you enter it, you'll warp directly to stage 14.

    Continue at the stage you died - At the game over screen, hold left then press start.

    Power up weapon - Pause in the middle of the game and enter "Up Up A A B B". Can only be used once.

    Play Cosmic Force(Harder Mode) - Input at the main menu "Down Down B B A A"

    =====Haguru Man=====
    Turn all doors in the screen into one color - go into the following doors in order: ?????
    Power up - Input at pause screen: Down Right Up Left B B B B A A A A.
    Continue at the stage you died - At the game over screen, hold left then press start.
    Automatically complete a set of 3 of the scroll you have - At the pause menu, input "Up Right Down Left A A A A B B B B".

    =====Rally King=====
    Start Boost - Press A a little before the countdown timer changes to 2.
    Take no damage - At the title screen hold up+left then press select.
    Take first rank from the start - At the title screen hold down+right then press select
    Start at Final Stage(20) - At the title screen input "A B A B Down+Select"
    *You can enable all cheats at the same time

    To be continued;
  16. Magus


    Oct 26, 2002
    ehy thanks not to be ungrateful but now i'm at haguru man 2 3rd objective without any idea of what to do
    any extra help would be appreciated
    also do you know if actualy finishing the game has some meaning or not? i noticed you get a badge but does that badge do something?
  17. jirom

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    Nov 21, 2005
    United States
    I just edited my previous post to include stuffs about Haguru Man 2 and Guadia Quest. ;D
  18. cynthia

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    Feb 27, 2007
    ?????? should translate to "Sorcerer", and the "Armor" should be "Hat". I still have no idea what Wind User is, maybe it could be a cold instead of wind.
  19. Magus


    Oct 26, 2002
    well i reached guadia boss (playing a rpg in japanese sure is annoying) but he tramples me like i'm an ant,i only bought rune armors for the hero and the knight so maybe i need to buy better protection,party is at lv 15,i have tried raising my stat and use my best weapon (which doesn't hit often but if it does hit for over 100 damage) but he still won't fall

    ehy guys i have done it
    exploring the dungeon better netted some pretty cool item that made the boss incredibly easy
    the next game that get unlocked is just awesome
    is there any way to spoiler stuff here?
    anyway here is what i learned while jirom isn't here to help for the next game

    objective 1: mount a gear,buy it from the merchant then press select
    objective 2: destroy one of those growing trees thanks to the power of the mounted gear
    objective 3: clear episode 1
    objective 4: not sure on this one but i believe you have to kill 100 enemies on episode 2

    and now i don't know what else to do... arino has thrown out another challenge,but no other game got unlocked,the letters "END" were also in the challenge... maybe i have to clear every game?

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  20. jirom

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Yep, the final challenge is to finish all the 8 games.

    P.S.> 8th game is frickin awesome xD