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Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by kaisai, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. kaisai

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    May 31, 2007
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    Sup been looking for a new drivin free roam game for my 360 last time i found a good one was NFS Carbon

    The only thing i know is that both Forza 3 and NFS Shift is not free roam (to bad Shift isnt thats why i liked NFS).

    if yall have any recommandations would love to know
  2. Sir-Fritz

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    May 4, 2008
    Brisbane, Australia
    Test Drive Unlimited i think is free roam.
  3. kobykaan

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    Aug 27, 2007
    Would say FUEL but unless you get it dirt ass cheap or cheap pre owned its not worth the full pricetag!

    Burnout Paradise is also good but not to everyones taste [​IMG]
  4. FAST6191

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    The MX vs ATV games are free roam and they do have cars in. While I like Reflex at I would probably sooner look for a copy of untamed if only for the far bigger levels (I believe we have the new deformation mechanics in Reflex to blame for that one).

    I shall also mention Just Cause 2- some serious sandbox/free roaming in that.
  5. Zeroneo

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    Jun 6, 2009
    Why don't you try Midnight Club LA? I think it's free roam.
  6. scrtmstr

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    Aug 20, 2009
    the Netherregions!
    If you want it to be kinda like NFS carbon, buy Test Drive Unlimited or wait for TDU2 to be released. It's kinda fun because you also need to buy your own cars and stuff. It's trying to get as close to real life as possible. Multiplayer is also in freeroam.

    Others are Burnout Paradise, which I personally just didn't like, the cars and so on, and midnight club LA, which is a lot like NFS.
  7. 67birdman

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    May 25, 2008
    Vancouver, BC
    Need for Speed Carbon has Free Roam, but it gets boring..
    Burnout Paradise is good, but not good if ur not into that kinda stuff.
    Test Drive Unlimited is pretty good too..
    I would say that you should get Midnight Club: LA, has free roam and great graphics--but its kinda hard to finish [​IMG]