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Apr 3, 2014
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Driver 2 has been one of my favorite games of all times, It's Driver 1... but BETTER! and for its 20th anniversary developer Liquid Soap has released to the public the reversed engineered Driver 2 for the PC!

Remember this game did not have a PC version.

Instructions are very simple and easy to follow:

Game version information
There are two known versions of the game which has little differences.

See for more information

Supported versions:

CD serials Region/Language Description Build date Status
SLES-02993 / SLES-12993 PAL EU/English Initial rev 1.0 Oct 12 2000 Full support
SLES-02993-P / SLES-12993-P PAL EU/English Platinum rev 1.1 Oct 29 2000 Playable, buggy
SLUS-01161 / SLUS-01318 NTSC US/English Initial rev 1.0 Oct 12 2000 Full support
SLUS-01161GH / SLUS-01318GH NTSC US/English Greatest Hits rev 1.1 Oct 29 2000 Playable, buggy
Other languages to be supported later

1 - Installing (Windows)
  • Dump both of your Driver 2 CDs to ISO or BIN/CUE file (use CDMage or UltraISO)​
  • Extract game ISO or BIN/CUE to your folder (next referred as <your_folder>) on hard drive (example: "D:\Games\Driver 2") so it will look like this
  • (Optional) go to <your_folder>\DRIVER2\FMV and delete all .STR files (and keep .SBN). Also delete all <your_folder>\DRIVER2\XA files​
  • Download the latest release and extract it to <your_folder> (example) (result)
2 - Retrieving game video and audio
  1. Download jPSXdec and install latest Java​
  2. Run jPSXdec and open your CD1 ISO or BIN/CUE file​
  3. change Directory to <your_folder> on hard drive​
  4. In bottom of jPSXdec window open dropdown menu and select All videos and push Select...​
  5. Repeat previous step but instead select All audio (excluding video audio) (graphic example)
  6. Click Save All Selected and check if AVI and WAV files are going to be saved, then hit Start (graphic example)
  7. Repeat steps for CD2​
After you've done all the steps
Simply start REDRIVER2.exe (red RED2 icon) and enjoy the game!

Don't forget to check control mapping


Thanks to these amazing people
  • Soapy - lead programmer
  • Fireboyd78 - code refactoring and improvements
  • Krishty, someone972 - formats decoding
  • Gh0stBlade - API-level PSY-Q libraries reimplementation (HLE PSX Emulator) (link)
  • Ben Lincoln - This Dust Remembers What It Once Was (TDR)
  • Stohrendorf - Symdump utility

I am not the creator, i just posted it here on GBATemp, I hope someone makes a port for the Wii U or Switch!! :D
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