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    There were some other releases today noted in the de blob 2 post.


    Apparently region free.

    Various parts of this collection have hit as "XBLA" games over the course of things (and if they were not then they shortly will be). This acts as the common enough dsic based version of them.
    The games to feature are
    Sonic Adventure (whether it is the enhanced GC port which also came as paid DLC for the XBLA version is uncertain at this point)
    Crazy Taxi
    Space Channel 5 part 2
    Sega Bass fishing (no word on a controller meaning this is likely to be a pad only affair).

    The are a bunch of classic dreamcast games so you are invited to source videos for the games you want to see.


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    i was all excited for this then seen that its 4 games and went awwww. i love crazy taxi, but im not fond of the other three. i actually tried to play DC the other day, oh man does low def suck.
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    I love how the dreamcast system and controller is on the cover of this case, that's boss. Dreamcast 4 life!
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    Extracting them off the Disc is useless, as they still show up as Arcade Trials. Install Game option also doesn't work.

    It totally recreates the Dreamcast experience too with the loud laser. It's actually a lot more louder than the Dreamcast I thought.

    If you have a Dreamcast, HDTV, and a VGA Connection for the Console. There's really no point for this release.

    Crazy Taxi is defaulted to Full Screen where it's zoomed in. Switching the selection makes it in "Wallpaper" view. Where there's an annoying yellow boarder when you play. The only benefit is Achievements, and that's it. -_-
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    No Shenmue!? [​IMG]