Dragon's Crown gets a 1.07 Update for PS Vita and PS3 alongside Dragon’s Crown Pro

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    Almost 3 years later, the game's getting an update to coincide with the Playstation 4's release of the game. The update will launch first in Japan on February 8, 2018 and will include the following:
    • Cross-play and cross-save between PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita.
    • Adds a feature to name each bag.
    • Adds a feature to narrow down equipment on the equipment screen by specifying the effect.
    • By opening the Start menu mid-adventure, you can check the Talismans you have obtained and the reward for the current floor.
    • Displays all sorts of settings on the character name text editing screen.
    • Enables the option of resetting “Deep Pockets” when performing a skill reset at the Adventurers Guild.
    • If you learn the same skill again immediately after a skill reset, the skill item will automatically be set again in your bag.
    • When selling items at the Magic Item Shop, you can select multiple items at once.
    • Adds a “Damage Effect Display” setting to the Options menu. You can choose between “Displayed for Everyone,” “Displayed Only for Players,” and “Not Displayed at All.” (It is expected that reducing the amount that is displayed on the screen will improve visibility and reduce the processing load.)
    • Adds a “Rune Selection UI Display Position” setting to the options menu. You can choose between “Follows the Player,” “In the Lower Cockpit,” or “At the Bottom of the Screen.”
    Taken from- https://gematsu.com/2017/11/dragons-crown-version-1-07-update-launch-alongside-dragons-crown-pro