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    Dieamend - Item - Description - "This gem can take the fall in place of its bearer."
    Peep information - "The dieamend looks like it might be some sort of useful tool. Just having one of these on your person seems to have miraculous results. It seems that once it's been used, it's gone for good. It'd probably fetch 150 gold coins if you were to sell it at a shop."

    How it is supposed to work is that if your character is holding one, if he dies then the dieamend will be destroyed in his place. Hero has one and he has died a few times, and the dieamend has yet to be destroyed... and it is not an equippable item.

    I am working on getting the two dragon's eyes right now... so what is wrong with this? It is really pissing me off. Btw I have had the hero's daughter and son die with it also, they died and it didn't get destroyed.

    Edit - In the overworld, I tried to use it, and "NICK takes the dieamend in his hands. He feels a strange sensation, as if the dieamend is protecting him." Do I have to use it in battle if I think I am going to die? O_O

    2 - In battle, "NICK tries to use a dieamend. ...but nothing happens." maybe I use it out of battle, and it constantly protects me in battle then? :wtf:

    3 - Dieing in battle after using it on the overworld, or in the dungeon I am in does nothing, nor does using it when I am dead. WTF?????
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