Dragon Quest VII: New Trailers to Show Game Contents

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    that MIDI sequencer

    The time of the debut of Nintendo 3DS Dragon Quest VII is getting closer and Nintendo is full of videos that show various aspects of the game. The last released trailer shows some interesting details on the game tactics, battles and classes available to choose for their characters.
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    Most of these have been posted but I'm not really inclined to do anything about it... I'm so freaking pumped. I NEVER thought we would see these games (VII and VIII) on 3DS let alone in english. And incase anyone is wondering or something... lets take a moment to remember @Densetsu. He was a big ol' Dragon Quest nerd. Get this, probably even a bigger one than me. I remember him saying he had a signed copy of DQ6 DS.
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    Long time no see you pal.
    It's sad to see Densest is not here anymore.
    I'm low fish here so I never knew much about him, but he seemed righteous and will always be great loss for GBATemp.

    About these titles, they're great, but I keep asking where are the monster series, I think I'll hack my 3DS and use google translate all the way, just for them. The monster series is what made me buy the 3DS, I'll play it one way or the other.