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Sep 24, 2010
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Hey all, hoping this is the right place to post this.

I was recently attempted a translation of the Dragon Quest Monsters RETRO port of the original Game Boy game for Switch. Inevitably, it wasn't as simple as I had hoped so I ended up having to shelve it, I don't have a ton of hacking experience with the Switch, and not enough time to dig into all the things that might be stopping it from working just for a single project.

So rather than let it waste away on my harddrive I figured I'd post what I have, in case someone with a bit more motivation or experience can work out the issues. The attached zip has two copies of the message.csv file containing all the text, one is translated to fit into the roughly 12 characters of space available for location names, the other is the full translation, which would require modifying the space to support multiple or longer lines. All of the translations are accurate to the other GB Dragon Warrior localizations and the text found in the original game, including the occasional typo they used to shorten names, like Judgement becoming Judgment.

There's also two images files that translate everything to match the English localization of Dragon Warrior Monsters. Monster nicknames, species, personalities and a lot of other in-game data are pulled directly from the ROM, so as long as it's translated in the ROM and in the right area it should load in right.

The issue I ran into is that the English ROM more than likely moved a lot around during the translation process, so it crashes whenever it's loaded, changing the checksum to match the JP game doesn't work, but editing the JP game does. So theoretically it'd be possible to port the English translation to the JP ROM, as long as you don't move anything around, which is a hassle in itself. The message text also seems to want the file to take up a specific amount of space, and going over also triggers a crash.

I'm sure some of this would be fairly simple to anyone with experience, but I have too many other projects to spend time on it, so I wanted to at least put it out there for anyone who might be interested. No credit is needed for the text or image translations if they get used, just be sure to message me so I can play it!


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