dragon quest 9 weapon skill and jobs translations

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    heres some of the weapons translation:

    Sword skill
    4p - Dragon Slash (normally does 1.5x more damage to dragon type monsters)
    9p- Attack Power + 10
    13p - Metal Slash (Almost guaranteed 1 HP damage to Metal monsters)
    22p - Satisfaction Rate Up (Raises chance of hit)
    35p - Miracle Sword
    42p - Attack Power +20
    58p - Falcon Slash
    76p - Attack Power +30
    88p - Giga Slash
    100p - Equip All Job's Swords

    Whip skill
    3p - Spiral strike
    7p - Whip of Love
    13p - Attack Power +10
    22p - Binding strike
    35p - Attack Power+20
    42p - Sleeping strike
    58p - Attack Power+30
    76p - Heal Whip
    88p - Souryuu Strike [Double Dragon Strike] (Randomly strikes twice)
    100 - Equip All Job's Whips

    Fan Skill
    3p - Flower Blizzard (confuses a group of enemies)
    7p - Attack Power+10
    13p - Breath Reversal (I believe this reverses fire and ice attacks)
    22p - Satisfaction Percentage Up (Increases chance to hit)
    35p - Ripple Dance (Does Great Damage to Water-Type Monsters)
    42p - Attack Power+20
    58p - Fuushi Kaden (your guess is as good as mine!)
    76p - Attack Power+30
    88p - Fold Fan Dance (Attacks Selected Enemy multiple times)
    100p - Equip all job's fans

    Shield Skill
    6p - Shield Attack
    12p - Shield Guard Rate +2%
    18p - Great Protection
    25p - Shield Guard Rate +2%
    32p - Big Shield
    40p - Mirror Shield
    52p - Shield Guard Rate +2%
    66p - Shield of protection
    82p - Evasion Stance
    100p - Equip all job's shields

    Acrobatics (exclusive to Traveling Performer Job)
    4p - Fire Blowing Technique
    10p - Evasion percentage up when near death
    16p - One Liner
    22p - Usual Attraction +30
    32p - Quip
    42p - Usual Attack Power +30
    55p - Tap Dance
    68p - Usual Recovery Magic Power +30
    82p - Killer Juggling
    100 - Usual Skillfulness +50

    Dagger Skill
    3pt - Poison Dagger
    7pt - Attack Power+10
    13pt - Killer Boom (Great Damage to Bug Type Enemies)
    22pt - CRITICAL Rate Up+10
    35pt - Thanatos Hunt (Great damage to Poisoned or Paralyzed monters)
    42pt - Attack Power+20
    58pt - Assassin Attack (Possible Instant Death on single enemy)
    76pt - Attack Power+30
    88pt - Vampire Edge (Suck HP from 1 Enemy)
    100pt - Equip All Job's Daggers

    Spear Skill
    3pt - Hurricane Thrust
    7pt - Attack Power+10
    13pt - Beast Thrust (Damages Metal Monsters)
    22pt - Vital Spot Thrust
    35pt - Critical Percentage Up (Chance to hit up when spear equipped)
    42pt - Attack Power+20
    58pt - Flash Thrust (High Chance of missing, if connects Critical hit!)
    76pt - Attack Power+30
    88pt - Disturbing Thrust
    100pt - Can Equip All Job's Spears

    Shield Skill (Same as above)

    Heroic Skill [Soldier Exclusive]
    8pt - Protect
    16pt - Usual Power +10常時ちから+10
    28pt - Whistle (Summons Weak Monsters (on map) will focus enemy attack on you (in battle) )
    40pt - Usual Body Defense+20
    48pt - Suicide Attack
    56pt - Usual Strength+30
    70pt - Lost Attack (Lowers Enemy Tension)
    80pt - Usual Body Protection+40
    90pt - Usual Max HP+60
    100pt - Sword Smash (Greatly Reduces 1 Enemy's Offense)


    Spear Skill (same as above)

    Cane Skill
    3pt - Attack Power+10
    7pt - Foot Sweep
    13pt - CRITICAL Rate Up
    22pt - Send to Hell (Great Damage to Zombie Type Monsters)
    35pt - Attack Power+20
    42pt - Mow Down (Knocks down a group of enemies)
    58pt - Evasion Rate +4%
    76pt - Freezing Volley
    88pt - Attack Power+30
    100pt - Equip All Job's Canes

    Staff/Rod Skill
    3pt - Max MP+10
    7pt - Mafuuji Staff [Literally means: Staff with an Evil Wind kanji] (Seals a group of enemies)
    13pt - MP Absorption +2%
    21pt - Demon Sweep (High probability of paralyzing demon type monsters)
    31pt - Max MP+30
    44pt- Staff of Blessing (Restores a significant amount of HP to 1 character)
    57pt - MP Absorption +4%
    70pt - Max MP+60
    84pt - MP Automatic Recovery (MP healed as you walk!)
    100pt - Equip All Job's Staff/Rods

    Shield Skill (Same as Above)

    Faithful Spirit Skill
    8pt - Divine Message of God (Find out how many XP to the next level without going to church)
    16pt - Usual Recovery Magic Power+20
    28pt - Exorcism (Removes Curse)
    40pt - Usual Max MP+10
    48pt - Zombie Guard (Protects against zombie type monsters)
    56pt - Usual Healing Magic Power+60
    70pt - Protection of the Saint (Avoid Instant Death)
    80pt - Usual Max MP+20
    90pt - Holy Prayer (Improves your Healing Power)
    100pt - Usual Recovery Magic Power+100
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    Oh this is nice thank you now I don't have to go and look up and Kanji =)
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    I don't mean to be rude but...
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    It looks like its from the translarion thread patch...
    Only a few name changes here.
    If not then sorry.
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    looks like something I saw posted @ gamefaqs