Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Special roundup - Dragon Quest XII revealed


Dragon Quest kicked off its 35th-anniversary celebration with several announcements, including news of the much-awaited follow up to one of its most successful JRPGs of the last 20 years. The first of the six new games revealed was a remake of one of the first games in the series: the now rather bizarrely named Dragon Quest III HD-2D. The game is being overseen by Octopath Traveler producer Masaaki Hayasaka, so it will come as no surprise that it looks and plays similarly to Octopath Traveler. Dragon Quest III HD-2D is slated for a worldwide simultaneous launch, though Square Enix did not announce an official release date or give any information as to what system the game will be available for.

Next up was the announcement of Dragon Quest X Offline. This is the long rumoured offline version of the Japanese-only MMORPG. The offline version of the game has a completely new look compared to the online version. Just like before, we're left in the dark as to what platforms it'll release on, but it will be out sometime in 2022 for Japan.

We then got news of a Dragon Quest XI spin-off game called Dragon Quest Treasures--again slated for a worldwide release. The game is set a few years before the events of XI and stars Erik and Mia as they hunt the world for treasure. Not much was said about the game other than it is not a JRPG.

This was followed up by news About Dragon Quest X Online with the announcement that Version 6 of Dragon Quest X Online is on the way later in 2021. This is still exclusive to Japan.

The 5th game announced was Dragon Quest Keshkeshi. Not much was said about this upcoming title, but we do know that it's a puzzle game for iOS and Android. It releases sometime in Japan in 2021. An overseas release is unconfirmed.

The final reveal was the one everyone has been waiting for: Dragon Quest XII: Flames of Fate. Sadly, all we got was a brief trailer showing the logo for the game. Series creator Yuji Horii said DQXII would be more adult in content and he also hinted at some changes to the traditional turn-based battle system, and that Square Enix was aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release. Again no announcement of what systems the game will be for.

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Aug 19, 2015
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What´s the "Problem" releasing Dragon Quest X for Europe/America (English) finally ?
I am pretty sure,there are many,many,many People out there who will buy it.Includes me.

They could make so much Money with it ...
Yes I don't understand it either but hopefully offline will eventually arrive in the west.
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