Dragon Age: Origins/Awakening game saves?

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    So yeah. First thing's first, I really enjoyed DA:O. I played first as a "good" Dalish Elf, sacrificed myself at the end, killed Loghain, put Allister on the throne with Anora.

    Then played through as a "bad" human mage, Loghain joined my party, let Anora keep the throne, knocked Morrigan up..

    Lastly, I played through as a "good" female human noble, took the throne with Allistair, made Allistair stick a baby up in Morrigan, and.. that covers it I believe.

    Anywho. I've been so excited to put these gamesaves towards DA2 - I was excited to see the state of all three worlds based on my 3 different saves.

    Then my Xbox hard drive died. I lost all of my saves (and Mass Effect too, but.. that's another story). I have absolutely nothing, and DA2 comes out next Tuesday.

    I've looked in the typical places, but I can't seem to find any game saves to download and stick on my console.

    Does anyone have any "similar" gamesaves (similar being, similar to the above choices), or know of a place to download any? I've been so excited for DA2, and I was so unbelievably pissed when my saves die a week before it comes out.