DQM 3D (Streetpass/WiFi) Questions.

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    Awhile back I imported Terrys wonderland 3D and since it's arrival at my front door I have been playing it ever since. Yesterday evening I decided to go ahead and import DQM2 3Ds off amazon for $24.99 a little more expensive than Terrys wonderland was I believe I paid $14.00 for that . Well anyways after playing it for sometime I happened to get to the Streetpass /WiFi portion of the game. and the otherday I happened to go to my streetpass menu which is usually empty and I actually found someone. his character model is represented by a round white head with the letters "SP" on them. which from my findings is a "special encounter" the same as when you Import a special monster from nintendo wifi page. I looked at his team and his name and I can tell it's NPC. I can't scout his monsters and he always has all metal slime or metal bubble slimes... and also you cant save him to battle again he dissappear after one fight. but reseting 3ds makes him come back since it doesn't save after you lose which I always do.

    I'm just curious as I play on a N3Dsxl 9.0.0 with the official cart via ntr 2.2 and region three. and I'm always offline.

    My Questions are

    1.How did I streetpass this NPC or is it NPC?
    2.does everyone get this special metal slime scout master in there game at least 1 time in the beginning?
    3.I read nintendo official wifi page for this game and it said that they shutdown servers for these DQM games, so does that mean I can't get Dimensional dragon/Ramia/Slime Gang etc.?
    4.I guess question 4 would be is if there is a Monster encounter code quite like we had for the GBC versions. someone could come up with via cheat codes with NTR
    (All I've found is gold editer,max experience. nothing that would help me.) would something like that be possible?

    I've searched the past few weeks on this topic and only found out what I had mentioned above. My hopes are that someone else has played this game enough in the past or still plays it to know the answers to my questions.

    my apologies for such a long post.
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