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Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by xiaobao, Jan 14, 2007.

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    Jan 2, 2007
    hi, a noob here trying to get some answers. well, i am using batchdpg 1.0 and have installed .net framework 3.0,avisynth. converted the files according to a guide here. but still am unable to play the movie files effectively(i.e. the sounds is inaudible, the movie is laggy to the point of crazy). tried to use the setup.exe from moonshell, but i see no r4ds there. i saw that there is batchdpg 1.2, where can i get it? thanks [​IMG] really unsure what to do with it... everything from the r4(1.05) works fine except this....
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    Wow, you need alot of help there. This is not the place to ask though. You need gbatmw.net
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    @fischju people like video around here too.

    I would update your batchdpg, as fischju says GBATMW seems to house the latest betas of which here is it: http://gbatmw.net/index.php?topic=2266.msg33369#msg33369

    The new versions of moonshell use DLDI so you need that and a copy of the latest moonshell:
    DLDI and patcher for it:

    Here are some suggested settings for values to put into your encodes: