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    This will be a quick text only guide. All of the programs you can google and are free unless otherwise noted.

    1) download a codec pack, ace mega codecs, k-lite pro, ect.. also get and install ffdshow

    2) Pick a DVD and use DVD Decrypter to create an IFO file.
    *make sure in tools>IFO Mode>File Splitting = None
    *under stream processing tab, select the movie file and an AC3 2ch audio file, and subtitles if you wish

    3) Decrypt the DVD, which will create a VOB file (will be a gig or more). (if you can play the VOB file in windows media player, you have all the correct codecs, if you cannot, make sure you have the correct codecs installed)

    4) convert the VOB file into an Mpeg1 file (VCD mpeg I, 1150 kpbs, 29,97 fps, 352x240) with some type of video converter (will be a gig or less)
    * SUPER © (free video converter, its amazing, you can select "Nintendo DS" in the drop down and it will add the correct mpeg 1 settings for you)
    * Magic Video Converter ( works, not free 29.99 usd I think)
    * VOB converter aka 4U dvd ripper (not free 35.00usd)

    5) After you have your mpeg1 file, play it to test for good audio sync, if its off, free up some memory and try again

    6) Download and install BatchDPG (earlier versions create audio sync errors)
    * install AviSynth to get BatchDPG to run

    7) Add the mpeg1 file to batchdpg and run the program (will create a dpg file that is less than 500mb depending on movie size)

    8) drag and drop the newly created dpg file to your R4 and run moonshell 1.71

    9) watch your DPG

    i tried to use this guide but only part 1 should be used (dvd to IFO) the rest of it is out of date and involves more steps than is actually needed.

    DPG audio on the DS is pretty quiet, headphones are a must.
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    Well made guide!
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    Indeed well done !
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    About how much space per minute will this method yield?
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    letssee.. a 1 hr and 34 minute movie converts to 259mb dpg.
    so about 0.3megs a minute give or take, 94/259