downloading ethics.

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    Do you think it is unethical to illegally download something you have already purchased rather than rip the original? Ethically is there really a difference?

    I could see that having a SD version on DVD and downloading a HD copy might be an issue. I was more thinking of games. I tend to do this a lot with the DS and the 360 only because ripping the originals is a lot harder than just grabbing a copy online. I was thinking if the 3DS is ever blown wide open I would probably do the same and grab a copy of all of the games so we don't have to carry around carts.
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  2. Ron

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    Dec 10, 2009
    I pirate stuff that I don't even consider buying legit.

    It just depends on your own moral code.
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    If you already have some kind of media, you're entitled to ripping it yourself because it's your media. Via downloading it, you get the exact same media, there are no differences and other than using a non-legit source, I don't see an ethical problem with it. It's spreading illegal content that's unethical, not downloading content that you're entitled to posess anyways. By having the original, you have a license for that particular piece of media, be it software, music, film or anything else and you can have as many copies as you please as long as you're the only user using it.

    The question was whether or not it is ethical to download something you already own, just to have it in a ripped format, for example a PSP ISO when you already have the UMD version, you just don't feel like wasting time ripping it yourself or you don't have means to do so.
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  4. Ron

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    Dec 10, 2009

    I'm using a more extreme, for lack of a better word, example as a comparison, to answer his question. Might not have been the most explicit way though.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    Well I have a sealed copy of Devil Survivor 2, pirated it early when I could though because it was leaked like a week before launch or something. (but had bought it before pirating it)
    I had a sealed copy of Valkyria Chronicles, and played a pirated copy.
    Hell i'd have pirated Zero Escape, but I still have a sealed copy of it on my shelf (instead I bought the digital version...yes I liked it that much).

    Basically, I use piracy to preserve good games I already own and want to keep pristine.
    Though sometimes I just pirate a game, love it, and buy it sealed to keep as a collectors item. I do that frequently actually.
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    I thought this thread was going to be about downloading ethics into someone.
    That'd be cooler.
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    Downloading ethics-

    Seed your stuff if doing torrents/p2p
    Do fills, reqs, par files, fix subs or generally reup if on usenet.
    Wait your turn when on IRC and probably best to avoid bottler clients.

    Such things are downloading ethics- anything else is a different matter.
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    We have had many threads about this, we don't need another
  10. Blaze163

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    I download if;

    A) The item in question is unavailable under better circumstances. Example, I paid for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I downloaded Portable 3rd as the English patch simply does not exist in any other way.

    B) The item is prohibitively expensive. Example, much as I would LOVE to own the box sets of the Pokemon anime, they sell for frankly ludicrous amounts on eBay. Just one season looks to run me about £70 minimum, and there are at least 14 seasons that I know about.

    C) Trial basis. Example, I download games for my PSP all the time, but if I find the UMD at a bargain price I'll buy it, although my motives are more to save space on my memory card for other projects rather than any desire to actually pay for things.

    D) It's music. I have no means of playing CDs as my PS2 refuses to acknowledge them, therefore paying for the album is pointless. I support the bands in other ways, notably paying frankly extortionate sums to see them in concert, so since I'd have to download the albums anyway I say they've had their fill off me for the tickets and download the albums for free. After all, this way if they've veered badly off course like Linkin Park have in recent years, I haven't wasted fifteen quid finding that out.
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    Jul 11, 2009
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    I forgot
    I usually only download games I own and can't rip myself or if I pre-order something and it gets leaked early. There also may be times when I own a game for one platform and want to try it on another, an example being Kingdoms of Amalur. I bought it for PC but was also curious as to how it played on the 360. Same with Borderlands 2, I had it for 360 but pirated the PC version to see how well it played. I also download a few games I want to try before I buy, as unfortunately it seems trials are becoming less frequent as time goes on.

    Originally I figured I pirate a lot of music, but as it turns out most of the stuff I listen to these days were released as free downloads or pay what you want anyways, so it didn't really matter.
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    Dec 2, 2009
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    I read the title as "downloading ethnics." I thought the thread was about obtaining ethnic minorities via digital distribution as some kind of slave trade.
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    It's a fucking mystery how you get so many likes from me.
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    Oh can I put my order in? I would like a few brides.... would one of each race be considered greedy? lol