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    Jul 31, 2008

    I'm thinking of purchasing the entire bundle (drums, guitar, mic) for either GHWT, GH5, or BH. I currently have 4.0, modchipped with Wii Key 2, and soft modded as well (I have HBC).

    I also considered buying Rock Band 2 ... but it has one less drum than GH ... and I'm pretty sure GTWT is the most compatible set, or even GH5/BH.


    1) What is the most compatible instrument set for the Wii?
    I want to be able to play Guitar Hero, Band Hero, and Rock Band 2. I heard that RB1 is not supported, don't care about this as long as RB2 still works. I'm planning to just buy the hardware cause I can already download the other games. I'm leaning towards Band Hero, also because it's newer/and more available in the stores.

    2) Which game allows me to download the most amount of extra (custom?) songs, and other extra content?
    And are they free?

    3) Which game allows me to hack it the most? I'd probably want to be able to download custom songs, so this is the biggest hack I suppose.

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    1a. The Guitar Hero 3 guitar works with all of them and is my personal favorite guitar due to its compatibility and clicky (loud but stable) strum bar. GHWT/GH5 guitars are also decent. RB2 guitars are pretty good. The only guitars to avoid are third-party knockoffs and the awful RB1 guitar.

    1b. The GHWT drums are compatible with some games that RB drums are not, but I far prefer the RB drum setup. The cymbals on GHWT are not very well placed and tend to be easier to break. RB1 drums are cheap, but they are loud to play. RB2 drums cost the most right now due to their popularity, but are quieter and more sensitive.

    1c. All microphones are intercompatible and work the same.

    The RB2 Special Edition set was a great deal when it was $100, now most places sell it for $150 or more.

    2. GHWT onward has free GHTunes customs, but they suck. Rock Band 2 works with RawkSD (see question 3). Rock Band 2 has the most DLC by far, about 800 songs this week.

    3. Rock Band 2. Check the massive RawkSD thread in the Wii - Hacking board. RawkSD lets you import almost all of the other guitar/band games and make customs, integrating them seamlessly with Rock Band 2's DLC. Rock Band 2 also supports pretty much any instrument. As an added bonus, the upcoming RawkSD 3.0 will allow you to load DLC from USB (something none of the Wii games can do) and may include support for instruments from PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360.

    In short:
    Rock Band 2 + RawkSD
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    I agree with the above post... I've always been a fan of, and prefer the play-style of Guitar Hero over RockBand. That being said, I just installed and used RawkSD last night, and I am extremely impressed wth it. You are able to import any and all RB/Guitar Hero songs for play in RB2, as well as the ability to import your own songs from your collection.

    With GH instruments compatible with RB2, it may be safer to go the RB2 route. I am about to buy a RB drum kit, import all of my previous GH songs, just so I can play drums on something like GH Metallica. RawkSD is truly great and if you can find a good price on instruments, the way I would recommend going.
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    I was also wondering the same thing... But its so hard to find RB2 these days i've called almost every single store and they are sold out. How often do these stores restock?
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    I would say it's the 360 RB2 drum scenario all over again- production is slowing and retailers aren't buying.