Downloaded wbfs file game, Is it necessary to use manager to transfer to hd?

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    Sup guys,

    i tried searching this question but didn't find a definitive response. If i download a wbfs file game, Is it necessary to use a wii manager to transfer it to hd? If so, which do I choose I've heard of several, wii manager, wii backup manager, wii game manager, wbfs manager?

    I simply tried transferring the wbfs game file to my hd via cut and paste but the game didnt work on my wii. Is there a specific file I need to look for that will play on the wii, I.e. NTSC, pal etc?
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    simple cut and paste DOES work, just keep in mind that a game can have additional files (.wbf#)
    depending on game and tv you need a matching region game
    pirates can't really expect much help around here
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    Dec 5, 2012
    I think it is recommended to use a manager to transfer them. I use Wii Backup Manager. I don't know why you had a problem with it. All you have to do, is open the program, have a USB inserted in a port, click Tools (in the program), click Format Drive (works better this way), select the WBFS type, click format, Okay, and it's done. Now, on the Files tab, click Add, Folder (It's faster this way), and wait for the files to add. Select the one(s) you want, click Transfer, Drive 1, and wait 'til it is done. Sorry if some things are not as I said. I don't have the program open :/ And I'm too lazy to open it xD Good luck :D
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    I also recommend you to use the wii backup manager.
    If you don't want to format your HDD ( most usb loaders work with fat and ntsf as well ) just connect it , then select the file you want to transfer to it ( it doesn't matter if it's an iso or wbfs, because wii backup manager will convert it to whatever file system your HDD is formatted to ) and the wii backup manager will transfer it to the right place in the right format, if the folder doesn't exist you will be asked to create it.
    After that, your game should work in any loader.

    Of course if you don't have many games I'd second the opinion to format your HDD and let wii backup manager set it up properly, then re transfer your games and start fresh.