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    Hi all,

    does someone knows a good way to download content from marketplaces of another countries? For example, Duke3d, which will not be sold
    in germany. I think there is a way to download it with an US/Austria account and a proxy. But HOW exactly does it work? What will be needed to do this?
    Is it possible to play the paid xbla game on another accounts saved on the same Xbox360?

    In short: Will it be possible to get Duke3D, to play it with my german account?

    Any help would be great [​IMG]
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    It has been released on just about every platform in existence (most of which can run mods which makes things several hundred times better, it being open source means people have added opengl and what have you ( ) as well as the latest (i.e. beyond serial port network) of the original.

    I am not sure about the account though, an anonymous proxy (that preferably can not be detected as a proxy; best way is likely to be a VPN/SSH into a US sourced ip) and you will probably need a US credit card or similar (not sure if they support the prepaid variants).
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    This might help...

    ^^Check my post #11

    "...My suggestion to you is to set-up a Hotmail account and (somehow) change to a different region (option possibly available within hotmail settings, not sure), than with that email address, set-up a new account/profile on your xbox, use a month/24hr gold subscription card and download Duke3d.

    I presume this should work (and prove useful) for anyone looking for access to content marketed to different regions...