Download Play broken for 11.2 CFW?

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    Oct 26, 2014
    After updating my O3DS to GW3.7.2-BETA and 11.2, I'm experiencing issues with Download Play where an N3DS guest cannot connect to me to download the software. This could apply to O3DS guests as well, but I don't have access to another O3DS to test. I don't have any physical games with Download Play to try, either. To rule out a problem with GW, I have tested on Luma3DS.

    Host: O3DS (GW3.7.2-BETA/Luma3DS; 11.2.0-35U) USA region
    Guest: N3DS (Stock 11.2.0-35U) USA region
    All tested roms are USA region.


    3DS Games (Host running GW3.7.2-BETA, .3ds rom from GW Red)
    • Guest never sees game appear as available software in Download Play
    3DS Games (Host running Luma3DS, .cia install)
    • Guest sees game about 20% of the time (repeatedly pressing "Search Again") in Download Play
    • starting the download results in an immediate "connection interrupted" error
    DS Games (Host running Luma3DS, .nds rom from GW Blue)
    • Guest can consistently see the available software in Download Play and begin the download
    • Host can see the Guest join the room
    • The Guest's download never completes

    No problems with Download Play in the past

    When the Host ran GW3.4.1 (v10.1) and below, Download Play worked flawlessly for...
    • O3DS guests joining 3DS multiplayer (N3DS guests not tested)
    • O3DS/N3DS guests joining DS multiplayer
    None of the Host's games work for Download Play anymore, despite them working in the past.

    Can anyone confirm whether Download Play works with this Host/Guest configuration on 11.2? What should I try next?

    Additional Information
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    No problems with a 2DS hosting running 11.2.0 (A9LH Luma post-6.6 build) and a N3DSXL as guest running 11.2.0 (A9LH Luma post-6.6 build). Game tested was Mario Kart 7. I'm pretty sure I did the reverse a few days ago as a test as well.