downgreading from 3.3u to 4.0 with softmii 3.0

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    This a topic originally posted at softmii 3.0 where i thought it belonged. Perhaps i will have more luck getting some advice from here regarding my question.

    I have successfully softmodded my 3.3u virgin wii using sofmii 3.0. installed bootmii2, made nand backup,
    I used the guide provided by softmii here:

    I went as far as step 15/20. this is where i stopped because i want to downgrade to 4.0. In the softmod 3.0 guide it just says "here you can downgrade." then it continues with installing preloader and cmios installer. So downgrading step tutorial is non existent.

    I found this guide here dated april. I'm wondering if it's safe to continue from this guide and pick up where i left off with softmii. I want there to be as little complication as possible and most compatibility.

    ideal goal is to run usb loader, use hcsd cards, and run wii disks from the disk channel, game cube games, virtual console games.

    The other question is whether i should downgrade to 3.2u and then upgrade to 4.0 or can and should i go from 3.3u to 4.0?

    thanks in advance for any help
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    If you follow the ULTIMATE guide there you will get to 4.0 fine, and then you will need to reinstall CIOSCORP if you still want disc channel backup loading (which personally I think is pretty useless if you use a usb loader and have preloader) Because for any Wii games you're better off just using the usb loader and for anything else you can either just use the HBC if you want bootmii to autoboot to it or something or you can just install a channel of a backup loader and use preloader hacks to move the disc channel off somewhere and replace it with whatever backup loader you want to use.

    The only benefit you would get with CIOSCORP is seeing pretty pictures in the channel that are different for every game, and you would be modifying every one of your IOS's on your system to do that.

    Anyways I suggest just following whatever you need from that ULTIMATE guide from this point. Just follow the online guide to upgrade to 4.0 and install preloader, then get whatever else you want from the backup section. And if you still REALLY want CIOSCORP you can just reinstall that afterwards.