downgrading a PSP-3001 with TN-B HEN 6.20 ?

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  1. Splych

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    so TN-B HEN 6.20 got released recently [source: ]
    according to the description , there is a 'downgrading' feature [​IMG]

    HEN already allows my PSP to do everything [well i just use it to load ISOs]. but i am curious to know how this would work , if i were to downgrade my PSP then install a CFW ...? i am pretty sure no one is risking to attempt this as there is a risk of bricking the PSP . i've tried using my Pandora which was used for the PSP 2000 [slim Design, but works with the Phat , you just have to hold it] but the PSP just won't turn on .

    so any ideas ?
  2. toshio

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    Feb 23, 2009
    This is only good for PSP 3000 that had 5.03 but updated to 6.20 TN HEN. You downgrade back to 5.03 Hen. You should not go any lower as it will brick you psp.
  3. Jolan

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    Mar 20, 2010
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    88v3 can go down to 4.01
    Older slims can go down to 3.60
    Brite 4G can go down to 6.00
    Old 3k can go down to 4.21
    GO can go down to 5.70
  4. Rydian

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    Downgrade info and a tutorial link are in the FAQ (I updated it for TN-B last night).