Downgraded N3DS but Downgrade Check says 4 Titles didn't downgrade

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by DjoeN, Feb 23, 2016.

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    So i downgraded a N3DS for a friend today, but after checking with Downgrade check it says that 4 TitleID's are wrong (I can run CFW and homebnrew, but not all hombrew some just freeze)

    Title ID: 0x0004009b00010402
    - expected version 0x1002
    - installed version 0x1402

    Title ID: 0x0004001b00010802
    - expected version 0x0000
    - installed version 0x0400

    Title ID: 0x0004013000001b02
    - expected version 0x0800
    - installed version 0x0c01

    Title ID: 0x0004013000001a02
    - expected version 0x1400
    - installed version 0x1801

    Can i install them manually with FBI to NAND?

    I have in my 9.2.0-20 N3DS pack:

    I can't find in my 9.2.0-20 N3DS pack: (I'm not asking, just saying)

    * Those 2 TitleID's i do find in my O3DS pack, can i use those?
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