Downgraded 9.2 3DS XL to 4.2 and weird issues after

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    Just as a note I have a nand mod so I can upgrade/downgrade for testing purposes. I downgraded to 4.2 and it was successful. I can boot into the sysnand but sometimes it will randomly freeze. Sometimes it freezes in sysnand, sometimes in emunand. I can run any version of emunand and it randomly locks up. If I reflash 9.2 I can use http exploit no problem but I don't like that as a permanent solution. Is there some trickery to getting this working 100%?

    EDIT: Just for the heck of it I'm running a retail card that has 4.5 and will test after the upgrade to that.

    EDIT 2: Used Dark Moon to upgrade to 4.5 and it resolved my issues. Strange.