Double Dragon IV Releases Next Month for PS4 and Steam

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  1. cvskid

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    So what is super double dragon going to be considered as since this game is called double dragon 4 as i always thought of super double dragon as part 4.
  2. Missing Number

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    Sep 18, 2003
    looks like dd1 or 2, i woulda chose a more dd3 look, and improved on it to make a 4
    its kinda odd in the trailer we see an evolution between the titles then 4 just looks like a devolution

    that being said my actual gripe is less on the look, more on the co-op, i want 4+ co-op, more games need a party vibe, sometimes there is more than just 2 players in a room at a time. as a kid there was always 3 people (me and my 2 brothers, or random assortment of friends) and our only option save for sports was Secret of Mana, and a few other titles, Double Dragon was definitely a title i wished we could play with more, especially since 3 had more than just billy and jimmy
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    Well the game wasn't bad, besides i can't think of a single game wayforward games was involved with that anyone said they hated, Contra 4 on NDS, Duck Tales remastered, Double dragon neon... Even their own games never got any bad attention, shantae always seem like their greatest game, and mighty switch force is addictive puzzle game and fun for speed runs.

    To be honest, i dunno what to think, the technos japan company back in the day were the original pioneers of the 2d side scroll beat them up theme, with the Renegade and river city ransom games, fact is most of the games in that Nekketsu kouha kunio series look the same all the time, GBA river city ransom look like a 16 bit nes game, and look at the NDS and 3DS games. Nothing bad about it, i find it funny to be honest. :P

    I do wonder why they choose specific double dragon II sprites, of the 3 games on NES, maybe they would have picked the third game as it has more developement in the series? they probaly picked 2 cause no one liked the first or 3rd game, but is called double dragon IV, Isn't super double dragon IV the game they maybe should have based it off of more than the second? Maybe it was good to use NES sprites for cost reasons, maybe it was easier to make multi platform suppot, i dunno, but a ps4 and Steam only release? If they were gonna rip nes sprites, why not make 3DS port? Or even vita, or smart phone port?:unsure:
    Well yeah, this is a question that has me confused, i honestly have no idea fo it. Maybe it should have been based on the SNES game, maybe they can do like kingdom hearts did and call it Double dragon 4.5 Sequal to four, prequal to five :P
    So you want the Kung fu guy and ninja from the 3 game on nes to be part of this?:creep:
    As funny as it sounds, i agree it would have been cool, maybe even have marian or some other characters from that NEO GEO Game in here too. Maybe some river city ransom characters, or if on xbox, battletoads, they can also make that for pc since it can be windows port. :ninja:
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    Jan 26, 2016
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    Your mom's basement.
    I prefer Streets of Rage.
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    Aug 29, 2014
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    They're doing the same thing they did to Mega Man 9 and 10, using the old NES graphics. That's neat and all but I really wanted to see something like StarTropics III or Ninja Gaiden IV, reminiscent of 8-bit NES graphics.
  6. sj33

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    Oct 22, 2013
    It was also on a million other 8-bit consoles.
  7. Sonic Angel Knight

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    May 27, 2016
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    Sorry to mention but DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Been selling well for 4 years on DLC alone, so i doubt a ninja gaiden 4 will happen any time soon, but then again, there always was just a trilogy, never anything more outside some spin off titles like the sega ones and DAT ARCADE GAME. :glare:

    Maybe a Original Ninja gaiden trilogy SNES HD REMIX should happen, but not any time soon, as they been focused on the best sellers right now, too busy knee deep in DOA 5 Last round DLC to bother. :P
    Wasn't the company who used to own the title ip named Million? If i remember from playing the NDS games, they were even made by arc system works. seem stuff are falling into place. :)
  8. vincentx77

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    Personally, I don't mind pixel art, but I would've preferred them to use something that was a bit more SNES/Neo-Geo or Saturn-like. Kinda like Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Maybe when it's $2 on a steam sale.
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    vits is dead sorry
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    What a new DD game witch such graphics ? Are they kidding ?
    There are plenty of older games with better visuals. Man i thought the graphics for DD on the Neo-Geo where already bad at that time but this is really a joke.
    Good luck selling this crap i rather play Burning fight, Final Fight, Vendetta, The Punisher, cadilacs and dinasours, ( insert more games after ).
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  11. Sonic Angel Knight

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    May 27, 2016
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    I just played this game for about a hour. Is hard. Like umm..... dark souls hard. Also it doesn't run at 60FP and has bad screen tearing, on a PS4. What kind of game in Pixel sprites style like NES has Screen tearing on a system specs that high?

    I would say they tried to mimic and emulate the original creators influence maybe too much but is just hard. Has no difficulty setting, just default. Enemies attacks start to get so strong more than half your life is gone in single attack, and they are too cheap. Most of their attacks are very priority (meaning they have long invincibility after using them) They gang up on you and cause there is no limitation to how many sprites can be on screen, they come in large quantities like mobs, they also relentlessly attack you even after you are knocked down and wait for you at the top of ladders, or at the bottom somewhere so as soon as you let go of it, they are ready to attack, no way to defend yourself in this game. When you get knocked down, you have no Invincibility when standing up. Only time you can get invincibility is when you do a "Wake up attack." (Known as performing a attack just after getting up from knock down) but it last about 1/4 of a second and doesn't help very much, being open to another persons attack if you strike any direction since they surround you. Some enemies also have projectile attacks, and as i said, no way to defend yourself. They also spam it constantly, so if you are in the trajectory of attack when getting up from knock down, you will constantly get hit until you die and lose a life. Imagine playing secret of mana on SNES where enemies can constantly attack you even when you are down with no way to defend until you die. That what is like, I hope there is a patch for this soon to make it more fair. :(

    If you want a chance at beating this game, play with a friend, or wait and hope a patch for this comes out ASAP. Is standard arcade rules, 3 lives, 5 continues (Technically 6 cause it doesn't include the one you start with) and once you die, you start all over. This clearly wasn't meant to be played without a partner, almost like contra. :ninja:

    Though i will say i don't have a person to play this with me, a online mode would have maybe been nice. A positive thing is the stages look cool, even though the hazzards are also cheap and the music has retro and remix. The remix soundtrack sound like some rock and roll theme like guilty gear and the retro sound like NES chip tune music. Oh and good luck getting those trophies.... unless you can find someone good enough to play this game with. Maybe someone who beaten Double Dragon 3 cause think that one is the hardest of them all. They probably stand a chance at this game. I never beaten it. I don't do well with one life game over games. :nayps3::hateit::glare: