Don't start over if the AP in Dragon Quest V makes your Gold Orc useless(for all DS systems)

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    Jun 24, 2017
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    The problem most likely is that you used an all item cheat code. the way to fix this is to find a save game before you visited the fearie queen(before she gives you the bauble but don't get the bauble from her yet) instead fill all your inventories with nothing except gold orbs and then save the game then transfer your save file to you computer first make a backup then load up the save file with the Dragon Quest V Save Editor and change every Orb to a cypress stick saving your progress before you move on to another character other wise it wont save the progress. When your slots are empty you can put your card into your DS and load up again and keep going it until there are not more gold orbs or gold baubles then try getting a bauble from the queen and taking the orb to make it fly. It worked the fist time that I tried it God loves me.