Donald trump's hair story

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    He was actually neglected for a fair bit of his young life. If you read his autobiography, A Man With a Whip, he relates a story about how he actually got his signature hair. When he was younger, his father took him to the barber every two weeks. By the time Trump Jr. was six, his father all but ceased to be a dad in every sense of the word. Jr. was left to his own devices. He missed his dad so much that he tried to find his way to the barber shop on his own. He vaguely recalled its location and had his personal maid walk him there. She reluctantly agreed. On the way, the maid was assaulted by the South District gang who were pretty active in New York at the time. As part of the initiation, they had to kill an innocent woman. With Trump Jr. there, they held him down and forced him to watch as they brutally assaulted and raped the poor woman. They cut off all her hair and made her take turns felating each of them. They even forced her to go down on the poor boy, scarring him for life in what he calls "the single most riveting moment of [his] childhood." Trump Jr. goes on to recount how when they were through, they stabbed her to death and left her in the warehouse to die. Still desiring to get a haircut just like he used to, Jr. used the scissors they left to cut off all his hair. He then scalped his deceased maid and put her hair (what was left of it) on his head. Upon returning home, his father said he was proud of Jr. And so the man has since been scalping women every two weeks and wearing their hair, which he dyes orange, ever since.
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    Trump's dad walked him to a barber every two weeks, but he died, so he tried to go with his personal maid, but a gang caught them, raped and killed the woman, so Trump cut off all his hair, took the hair off the maid's corpse, and started wearing it. Since then, he's been scalping women every two weeks, dyeing the hair orange and wearing it.
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