Dolphin Reader (TXT reader)

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    Oct 30, 2006
    Thought i might mention that i came a fairly new version of a chinese txt reader homebrew (from a YYJOY Link)
    Dunno if its been noticed much b4.

    see dev's page, download furthur down the page -
    It doesn't use DLDI but it supports a variety of slot2 and slot 1 carts (see appropiate zip file)

    Uses the sideways format and despite being in chinese it is quite easy to figure out how to use.
    It's fairly simplistic as i understand, but it does have bookmarking ability (And perhaps other options i haven't noticed).

    I've only tested it with my ez4. i'm not sure exactly how it works with the other carts.

    heres how i got ez4 version to work.

    1. Download slot 2 zip file, extract
    2. Put Txt files in the "Book" directory (These Txts will be appended(?) to the rom)
    3. Run make_ez4_rom.cmd (presumably for SC run make_sc_rom.cmd)
    4. Run gba file through ezclient (for SC maybe use the SC client?)

    This produces a save file and the rom. Treat the file as you would a normal gba game (ie. save file the same name)

    There is probably more info on usage with other carts on the site.
    I used babelfish to translatea nd gather some info)
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    I remember seeing this as well, only tried it for about 5 minutes though.
  3. OSW

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    Oct 30, 2006
    Well, i was just thinking that we needed some alternate reader homebrew.

    ReadMore Alpha is another project going on (topic at gbadev)
    but that hasn't had much news in a while.

    Edit: ok, so in program you can also change the colour of the text and there are two size settings.