Doing a system transfer from a legit 5.5 Wii U to a spoofed 5.5 wii u

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    Hey all. I have a Wii U that is on the current fw. I bought a second one for homebrew. its on 3.1 and I will update it to 5.3.2 and then use a spoofer to get it on the most current fw. Once thats done can I do a system transfer from my original Wii U to the new spoofed one? Will this work?
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    Well I did something similar. My WiiU bricked and I bought a new one. New one was 5.4u. I spoofed it 5 5.1. I called Nintendo and they did the system transfer for me. I was able to go online and even download purchased content from eshop using that temp eshop fix
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    I don't know why It wouldn't work. When the console is spoofed it basically thinks that it's on the higher firmware. I assume when it does the data transfer it should just be moving over games and saves and other things not critical to the internal firmware of the system, so I don't think you'd have any issues.

    Is it possible to transfer from a newer FW system to an older one? Like going from your 5.5 to your 3.1 (After you update to 5.3.2) and then do the spoofing? If that works then I would maybe look into that and see if you can do a transfer without updates or anything.

    Either way, I don't know if this is possible or not, those are just my thoughts.