Does the Perfect Lite have built in Emus?

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by pcsoon, Mar 10, 2007.

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    Jan 28, 2007
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    I thinking of buying a the Perfect lite microSD for GBA, emulation, and opera use. I been looking at several sites for prices/info and some say that the Perfect has built in emulators. Can any owners confirm?

    Here an example of the info I seen:

    General features:

    * Compatible with Nintendo DS Lite only.
    * Compatible with all GBA games - no slowdown, no craches, no extra patching required.
    * NDS compatible - FULL-NDS game function (for more info see below).
    * Built in Emulators - run without any additional software FC, NES, SNES, GB, GBC, SMS, and other roms!
    * RTC - on-board Real Time Clock for Gameboy Advance games.
    * Advanced Save System - support all save types.
    * Super Real Time Save Function - quick save games whenever you want ulimited times directly to the CF card.
    * Golden Finger Auto IPS - best cheat system for games.
    * Compatible with every type of movie file - store multiple full-length movies on a single card! 100% compatible with all Crystal Engine GBA ROM converted movies.
    * Plays music - BBE enhancement sound effects, clear nature and bright treble, strong powerful and vigorous bass, accurate and incomparable localization.
    * Picture viewer - compatible with BMP and many other image formats.
    * eBook/txt reader
    * Fast USB tranfser - about 10 sec. to transfer a 128M game from your PC
    * No drivers required - plug & play U-Disk, workls as standard USB storage device.
    * Low power consumption - (ASIC architecture) over 9 hours game time on a GBA SP!

    Nintendo DS related features:

    * Support NDS “clean dump” data
    * No limit of game size (limited only by the microSD card size)
    * NDS save data backing up into GBA or DS card
    * NDS boot-up with PassKey
    * NDS Multi-Game Menu
    * NDS SMS Function (Super Memory Stick)
    * Supports running games/programs larger than 256Mbit
    * FAST-BOOT technology - generally, games can boot up within 2 seconds
    (even a 512Mb gba and nds games load fast)
    * Including 3 cases with different colors, just like the G6 Lite!
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    Feb 15, 2007
    I'm pretty sure it has Emulators for legacy systems (NES, GB, SNES(??) Genesis, Gamegear) inside, but I've heard that you're probably better off getting something like Goomba or SNEMULDS. I've been doing research on it, as my M3 is in the mail right now. Gotta get all my stuff straight before i get it so I know what I'm doing

    I know you asked for owners, but that's what I know. I'll be an owner in a couple days, though [​IMG]