Does the O3DS have any benefits over the N3DS at this point?

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    I have both an N3DS and an O3DS - I kept my O3DS around since the N3DS wasn't able to run newer versions of emuNAND. Now that it's possible to run newer versions of emuNAND on the N3DS are there any real benefits to the O3DS? I'm trying to decide if I should keep my O3DS around or if I should sell it.

  2. daxtsu

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    Jun 9, 2007
    At this moment in time, no, not really. The N3DS can do everything the O3DS can and more (the one exception that I can think of being downgrading TWL_FIRM for some ancient flashcarts; you can't downgrade TWL_FIRM on N3DS). I've heard some people say the build quality on the New 3DS (both regular and XL) is inferior, but it all comes down to personal experience and opinion, really. I used to have a small old flame red 3DS and I find my black N3DS XL to be superior in every way: sound quality, build quality, everything. You get better emulator performance, the ability to force 3DS games to run at 804Mhz (via NTR CFW or HANS), a C-stick and ZL/ZR (no more circle pad pro needed), and a somewhat faster wifi connection.

    Keep in mind that that's just my experience and opinion for most of that (the last sentence in that paragraph is fact though).