Does Pokemon XY/ORAS work perfectly now with HANS (region free environment)?

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    Mar 6, 2016
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    Greeting all,

    This is my first post here.

    I have a JP pokemon X/Y/ORAS retails cartridge and I would like to play them on the US 3ds machine so that I could obtain all the events distribution exclusively to the US region (I know this is dump but I got a JP machine already, which cant be used to obtain those events distribution).

    However, I know that region lock would be a problematic issue but this may be resolved by HANS, the homebrew application

    Having done a bit search, I found a thread here:, which said that:

    "Pokémon X/Y/OR/AS - Works [with Hans], but no update data detected. Language issues on region change."

    I wonder:-
    (1) Whether Hans allows me to play JP cartridge of XY/ORAS on the US machine online with all other players (whether from JP or US or EU) and communicate with a JP machine side-by-side?

    (2) is there any method to get around the problem of "no update data detected"? This is because I know the online gameplay probably would not work if we could not update the game...(If there is no other better option available, could I simply update the cartridge in the JP machine first and then play it on the US machine? - i know this is dump but it suits me in my case)

    (3) what would probably be the language issues on the region change? How would it affect the gameplay experience (particularly the online gameplay)?

    Thank you for your time. Any response is greatly appreciated as I am thinking whether I should acquire an US version of 3SD.
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  2. Kaphotics

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    HANS does not load game patches.

    1) No, since patches are not loaded.
    2) No, it's just how HANS works.
    3) Online gameplay not possible without patches.
  3. Queno138

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    Sep 18, 2010
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    To add on to kaphotics point,
    Even if you manage to get the patches to work as a romfs overlay,

    You still won't get online play.

    Simply put, HANS region free is the one that is blocking online usage.
    (I've previously done a POC that managed to get HANS to load the patches, but online play won't work).

    If you can use CFW, I'll recommend you to use NTR.
    as your 3DS is US region, it'll bypass your cart region requirement, and allow you to connect online (provided your system can connect online and you have the patches)
  4. stebrick

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    Mar 6, 2016
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    Thanks for your supplement Queno.

    Yes, probably I could dump the game patches and updates with FunkyCIA2 but what I am worrying is whether I am still able to get the online gameplay. I regret to hear that I am not able to do so...:cry:.

    So, my last hope is the NTR CFW. I wonder what is the latest native firmware that the NTR you just mentioned would support? And do I have to use Gateway first or something else beforehand? Does NTR recognize the retails cartridge save files without any issue?

    Whilst I think I am able to get a 9.2 firmware machine, I do not want to use the Gateway's emunand system because I would then have to use two different formats of save files for JP machine (Sysnand) and US machine (Emunand), which is very undesirable...

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Btw, in order to get patches and updates to work, I wonder whether the following process is correct: download and use the gaming update files stored on SD card of the JP console, dump the ticket.db, and use funkycia2 on PC with that to make a .cia of the update, and finally install it on the SD card of the US console. Could I really use the ticket.db in two different consoles at the same time? Would it be considered as legitimate?
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