Does PlayStation have the most balanced catalogue of games per genres?

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    The other two companies consist more or less of:
    Nintendo - Platformers
    Microsoft - Shooters

    PlayStation seems to focus not only on shooters, rpgs but also action adventure games although they don't have as many platform games as Nintendo does though (my favourite genre).

    While I think none of these are really too balanced, out of the three PlayStation seems to be the one that has a better chance on this regard
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    Depends what playstation, also whether you are allowed to compare it to earlier consoles than the given generation. I have argued the PS3 was not a RPG machine compared to the 360 (ultimately it was pretty level pegging), it certainly had fewer shmups. Most playstations have not done too well on all time classic 2d platformers either, especially not compared to the 16 bit era.

    With the PS1 and PS2 dominating as much as they did you are then looking mainly at whatever first party stuff is on a given console. Much of that has since been released on newer consoles or was released for PCs of the day and can be run on just about anything that still works right now.

    That said if you have a PS1, PS2 and PS3 sat before you, and a means to play any game released on it, then you have gone wrong if you reckon you can not experience a few examples of basically every style of game. You might not be able to play every classic but you can probably play everything. As above you could probably swap out the PS3 for a 360 and nothing would change, however other than that you need to include earlier consoles or get a PC to truly do better.
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    That's not how you spell PC.
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    The PC is not quite balanced, it lacks JRPGs and pretty much Eastern support in general. No console this gen is balanced in game variety right now including the PC and it's too early to tell.
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    Dunno about the PS4, but Sony consoles typically are racing and eastern game focused (jRPGs and such).

    The *most* balanced is PC. It has most of everything except jRPGs like Hop said. Most people would be set for games with a PS4 and a PC. Most good games of other genres are multi-plat on PC as well. Even though Nintendo does have a firm grasp on the platforming market, there's still a fair amount on PC these days too. Emulators certainly help in that regard considering a person can pretty easily emulate right up to the Wii.
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    It's pretty disingenuous to say that Nintendo's games are just platformers (Metroid, Zelda, Pikmin, etc.) and that Microsoft's output is just shooters (Alan Wake, Forza, Viva Pinata, etc.). It's more accurate to say that Nintendo's games are clustered towards a younger demographic while Microsoft's are targeted at an older one.

    Of the three companies in the console business, Sony definitely has the best balance when it comes to appealing to a wide range of players. They can make games like Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, and Little Big Planet and then offer God of War, Uncharted, or The Last of Us on the other. It's a healthy mix, one I think Microsoft and Nintendo could better emulate.
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