Does anyone think switch is capable of screen mirroring, perhaps chrome cast?

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    I don't care if is a official update by nintendo or homebrew by hackers, i just wanna know if you think it is capable of doing it well or least being able to do it with anything period? I would somehow be shocked to see it possible. I was just as excited to see wii u have gamepad screen display in vwii mode, i dunno if it maybe planned but i hope so. It can be maybe like on chrome cast, or on pc or heck even on wii u, my imagination is going nuts thinking about it.

    I guess to others i sound crazy and hopeful but i still hope is planned, i like the the dock and all, but i still haven't gotten used to that joycon removing bit, with the tiny release buttons, and i want to apply least amount of pressure to the system and controls as possible (especially the screens) i swear they made it look easier in the commercials and trailers for the system, they must rehearsed that day and night. :P

    Having wireless screen output would make it nice in my opinion, I'm not saying the dock is bad, just is hard to get used to with the joycon removal of putting it on the system then removing it, then docking it again, removing it and using power grip. The rails are hard to see in the dark and such, i honestly thought the controllers were like magnets by the demonstration, not a rail guidance system. Using it myself makes more sense now. :blush:
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    Feb 3, 2016
    Why is this a poll?

    The hardware is capable, but Nintendo wont do it.
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    chromecast is pretty laggy, so probably wouldn't work for games. would be nice for hulu or video streaming though. but it's a pretty big thing to add just for hulu (and the rest whenever they pop up).
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    I already had a few 4k smart TVs and all of them were super lagged with both Samsung galaxy J5 2017, Nvidia shield tablet or Sony Xperia Z2.

    I tried on LG webOS, Sony bravia android, Samsung tizen OS and TCL Android TV which has the lowest input lag and one of the fastest 4k TVs out there in terms of input lag.

    They are all slow and low quality compared to connecting trough hdmi and not playable for gaming.
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    Why wouldn"t it? Any system is technically capable of this. It's a question of implementing (or porting) it and tuning the performance. It would need a dedicated developer, but I don't see why not. Could there be a few issues with the memory and the processor performance to figure out? Sure! Could it lag or drain the battery more? Sure! But possible, definitely.

    However, I agree, HDMI and a dock seems sufficient to most people and definitely better at performance.