Does anyone know of a legit 3rd party Wii repair site/shop?

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    Hey all I have a complicated case mod that was done wrong by and I am looking for a different 3rd party repair website/shop to get it fixed right. I am looking for a site/shop that someone has used before that way I know they are legit and won't steal my CC info or my Wii and also so I will know what to expect quality and time frame wise. If anyone has ever used a 3rd party repair shop please tell me who/what site it was, how good of a job they did, and how long it took. Also if you had any trouble, what it was. Thanks in advance to all that help, I appreciate the info. Have a good one, talk to you later.

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    You can try Game reps if their website is still functional. They're really good with repairing game machines. I know this because my uncle worked for them before he moved and fixed a good amount of the machines that broke. I'm unsure on the time frame, but I know they know what they're doing.

    If their email isn't working you can try to give them a call. They're located in Vegas, but they do repairs if you send them your machine.
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    where do you come from??

    If you're near Montreal, Qc, Canada I can help you