Does anyone have all Download content for Dead or Alive 5 game series? (every single one releasaed)

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    So far dead or alive 5 was released 4 years ago, september 2012 for ps3 and xbox 360, a year later they updated the game and called it dead or alive 5 Ultimate, which is a update to the game adding more characters and stages, and game balance. There is one vita game dead or alive 5 plus but that is all there is. Feburary 2015 dead or alive 5 last round was released for ps3/ps4 Xbox 360/xbox One, and pc on steam. It included even more additional characters, and game balance.

    To this day they have released so much DLC is insane. There is so much dlc, which is all for COSTUMES. While very little is for additional characters. Is more expensive than the game itself, i'm just curious, does anyone have them all? the game is $30 i think but there is season passes and dlc bundles that cost either double or triple the game itself. How much did you spend on dlc for this game over the years? I haven't spent one dollar for any of them, if i did, probably would be for unlocking a character but not buying over 60 different costumes all the female characters have released like every month.:blink:

    I will be honest, is a fighting game and is not bad to play, feel like most other kinds of the popular 3D technical fighter like Tekken, Virtual fighter, Soul Calibur. But with all the money they get from the dlc on this one game over 4 years ago, and licensed Dynasty warriors reskins, (hyrule warriors, dragon quest heroes) it would be nice to see a new game, ninja gaide 4 or even Ninja gaiden HD collection with all 3 games on one disc.:unsure: