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  1. Karmic_Backlash

    OP Karmic_Backlash Member

    Dec 19, 2016
    United States
    So... My basic idea is to gather information from the community and make a Fan made Balance Patch, Nothing fancy like adding new character or moves, and nothing so mundane as new reskins, but just a mod that fixes the big issue with alot of characters, things like making some character actually usable in a more competitive setting, Something that when its does would mean a match between Zelda and Diddy wouldn't be so one sided, or a match with Mario and Doc being basically the same thing but one is actually good.

    If there are any people interested, please answer the Poll, it would be useful to guage interest in this idea

    Remember, You are the change you want to be in smash, let your voice be heard.
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