Does Anybody Have A Menu Translation For Bleach Vs The Cursade?

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  1. need4speed

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    Nov 4, 2006
    Hi there I got the game working using the fixed does anybody have a english transtlation for the menu? Thanks [​IMG]
  2. need4speed

    need4speed GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 4, 2006
    Here Is the english translation text I've from a website I hope somebody might find this useful [​IMG]

    MENU GUIDE - [Not 100% accurate, but helpful none the less]


    Story Mode/Single player
    Wi-Fi Mode
    Urahara Shoten/Usrahara Shop
    Extras (Figurines, sound test, pictures etc)

    Wi-Fi Menu [Offline]

    -: Online mode
    -: Manage Friend Roster

    [] = Add friend
    [][][][] = Delete
    - Yes
    - No

    Wi-Fi Menu [Online]

    -: Search for available player
    -: Friend Roster

    [] = Create Game
    [][][][] = Join game in progress

    Urahara Shoten/Shop Menu

    - Figurine collection 1 - Gamble this amount
    - Chance of new figurine %
    - Figurine collection 2 - Gamble this amount
    - Chance of new figurine %
    -: Information

    Extras Menu

    -: Pictures
    - Character portaits
    - Backgrounds

    -: Music/Sounds
    - BGM
    - SE
    - Voices

    -: Rankings
    - Unknown
    - Unknown
    - Unknown (All have something to do with TOP10 players/characters uses)

    -: View Figurine Collection

    Options Menu

    -: Player 1 options (Not entirely sure)

    -: Player 2 options (Not entirely sure)

    -: Unknown

    -: Game settings
    - Difficulty (Not entirely sure)
    - Voices [0-10]
    - BGM [0-10]
    - SFX [0-10]
    - Voices [0-10]
    - 3D Rendering (Not entirely sure)

    -: Data
    - Delete data
    - Delete data
    - Delete data
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    Apr 16, 2008
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    for those of you that need to know how to play the game here are the controls

    to play is pretty simple.
    swing the wiimote and you get the guy to fight with the sword, karate stuff, or whatever doesnt use the reatsu.
    A is to use a special A+Z is to use A super special.
    B is to use another special and same with B+Z that is the super B special.
    c is to shadow step. if you stand still and hit c you will be in the air to stay in the air you have to keep shadow stepping.
    Z doesnt do anything that i am aware of other than when you combine with A and B.
    the D pad: up is to switch characters on your team down is to get help from your team mate and left and right are basically the same thing as down.
    + is pause
    - doesnt do nothing
    1 and 2: A+2 is like A+Z and it will give you the same effect.
    to use bankai when your green meter reaches full hold Z and shake the nunchuck down and they will use bankai or whatever they use.
    so that is how you play Bleach Versus Crusade. hope you all found this helpful.
  4. Fexostur

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    Feb 20, 2009
    Somebody know hom to change time for a infinite time ??
    I have search in menu i dont find that choice, and in Japanese [​IMG] so difficult to understood ^^
  5. Fexostur

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    Feb 20, 2009
    Now it's good [​IMG]
    I find where is this

    >> Options Menu
    >> first line (with "1")
    >> second line with 1, 2, 3...9 and the laster is infinite time (it's the time in minute)