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    I'm trying to book a Shinkansen (high speed train in Japan) ticket. Normally when buying a transport ticket online you select a date, get shown a timetable then pick the time and seat that suits you. This website does things differently and seems quite bizarre to me. You select a time on the hour from 6am to 10pm but the train does not leave every hour. Right under the drop down menu it says "We will arrange the train departs closest to your selected time. [newline] If you have any specific train that you wish to take, please leave a message in the comment box shown after clicking [ADD TO CART] button below." I might have missed something but it seems like you can't actually view the timetable on this website.

    For example: https://shinkansen-ticket.com/colle...nsenticket-tokyo-shinfuji?variant=16830576769
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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Are you in Japan now, or are you travelling to Japan? If you are travelling there, unless you expect to take the Shinkansen only one time, I'd recommend you look into buying a rail pass. It makes getting around while you're there much simpler, and also makes changing plans a non-issue. You can pm me if you want more info, but the short version is you buy the rail pass online for the time frame you need, they mail you a voucher, then at Narita Airport you redeem the voucher for the actual pass. You can use it right away to ride the Narita Express to Tokyo Station, and you'll have almost unlimited train riding covered for as long as the pass lasts (not just Shinkansen).
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    I found out about the rail pass a few hours before reading this and promptly ordered one. I'll be there soon enough.
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