Does anybody else have trouble transferring PSOne Classics from PS3 to PSTV/Vita?

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    I want to do this to get custom PSOne bubbles on my 3.20 PSTV (I am aware of scattered statements that this doesn't work, but I'd like to fiddle with it at least...) without having to buy a crappy exploit game for TN-X. I have The Misadventures of Tron Bonne and Suikoden II that I bought during the most recent PSN sale.

    Problem is, they're in install bubbles, but don't show up on my PSTV when using CMA.

    They don't even show up on my fully updated 3.60 PSTV for transfer. I can download them from PSN on that system, but that doesn't help me get them on the 3.20 PSTV. They should just transfer directly from a PS3, like every guide says, but they're not there.

    Has anybody else had this happen? Is it just that certain PSOne Classics don't show up for direct transfer, or what? PSP and Vita content shows up, just not these two games...

    Thanks in advance
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