Question Dock not working and flashing green light following instillation of ReiNX

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    So yesterday I turned on my Switch for the first time in a couple months to finally get into the hacking scene. I followed the installation instructions for the ReiNX exactly and everything worked fine. I played some games for a few hours then put it in sleep mode and went to bed. However this morning when I woke up, I turned the system on and noticed that there was no connection to my TV. I examined my dock and found it flashing a green light. Now it won't charge the switch or connect it to the TV. Essentially it does nothing at all anymore besides flash a green light.

    After a bit of googling, I found that this is a relatively common problem, but it looked like it hadn't been associated with a hack before; it's usually just something that happens randomly, from what I've seen. Of course, it could just be a coincidence that mine happened right after I hacked it; it has been awhile since I last played my switch, and yesterday was also the first time I had ever actually plugged the dock into a TV, since I didn't have a TV until recently. Anyway, the only fix for this that I've been able to find is unplugging the cords and reinserting them specifically with the AC adapter first, then the HDMI, then the Switch. That hasn't worked, even after keeping the dock fully unplugged for multiple hours; as soon as I plug in a power supply through the USB-C the flashing begins. Aside from that, people say that sending it to Nintendo's repair service for $100 has worked, but I really don't want to do that. The console still works fine off the dock, and can be charged through the AC adapter as well as the USB-C to USB-A cord that I bought for RCM mode.

    Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it by any other means? I'd appreciate any insight others may have. Thanks!
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    Know anyone else with a switch so you can test it in their dock?
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    Yeah, I'm planning to meet up with a friend who has one in a week or so, so I'm going to bring my whole system to try to isolate the faulty hardware. Given that the AC adapter and USB-A cord both work fine to charge the system, it seems like the dock is at fault, but I've seen a few posts that mention people getting new docks and having the same problem.
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    Spitballing here but do you have another HDMI cable you can try?

    If no one else has any suggestions I would call Nintendo and see if they have some ideas. A whole dock kit does not even cost $100 so don’t let them pull that on you. Lol.
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    If its your switch wont charge its probally the chip...
    then its the power ic chip has gone bye bye ...
    Cant charge and flashes i def think it could be that.

    But you said its fine with the switch and just charger
    your dock has to be what has gone bad.
    You can get a replacement dock on ebay only for like £50 you do the math..
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