Do you think psx emulators for 3ds will further advance any further?

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    Do you think it's possible to get psx emulation to a workable state? I mean it was making a pretty good advancement already, it went to unplayable to semi playable 30fps in some games. But then development just died and it's not apart of the retroarch builds anymore. I looked forward to a fully functional psx emulation on the 3ds and being hopeful N64 as well. I don't really like using my phone and moga to play psx, the latency is ridiculous.

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    ...Cell phone? You'd probably- nah, definitively, be better off with a PSP. It'd let you reasonably emulate N64 as well. And "Final Fantasy: the Street Fighter edition" is such a cool game.

    That said, I do think there is more than just "some" amount of hope. Remember when people believed usable emulation of SNES was impossibiru? "Princess Bride" "INCONCEIVABLE!" ("you keep using that word") kind of way? Then that dev who made SNES9xo3DS came along. Lots of people have said lots of things are impossible on the 3DS only to be proven wrong. I have certain amount of faith placed on the guy, he just doesn't stop delivering. I can be freely quoted saying that, if we want decent GBA, N64 or PS1 console emulation done on the 3DS, just hand it over to the guy, or someone just as qualified.

    So, I think it is possible to squeeze just enough of that to get PS emulation to usable. But it might take a long while, as with many of these things, and by then it might not even be worth the shot (if eg.: we can open the Switch, or if a Neo New 3DS XL 64 Advance comes along, with enough hardware differences to make retrocompatibility attempts moot) except if you really can't get another console to emulate at.