Do you consider pirating out-of-print titles morally bad?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Pikm, Mar 18, 2017.

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    By that I mean games that are either out-of-print, impossible to buy, region specific, or impossible to play on the source. My stance is that I'm fine with it, because however you buy these types of games, no money is going to the original developer, just to some cheapskate trying to push you into buying old merchandise. And if no money is going to the people I want to support, what's the point in even going the legal route. At that point copyright law is just being a bitch
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    Given I don't find current charting releases to be a problem...

    That said, "out-of-print, impossible to buy, region specific, or impossible to play on the source."
    There would seem to be massive scope to argue different things there.

    1) Fair enough in some regards. That said if you got done for pirating duck hunt on the NES and Nintendo turned around and said "here are all these virtual console versions" I would have to side with Nintendo.
    2) Define impossible?
    3) For hacking, perfect justification as far as I am concerned. For piracy there is scope to argue something for simple region locking. Playasia exists, TV standards are not hard to work around (if they even bother you at all where you are at -- almost any PAL CRT still working will do NTSC just fine) and voltages are usually not that bad to sort either.
    4) It is not so common now but back in the GBA days we used to see it a lot where people would buy carts but maybe lack a GBA and thus use emulators instead. See also my comment on 1) as it probably applies again here.

    Money to the devs or not makes little difference to me. Especially as the initial price from the devs would appear to bake in the option to resell the product later and thus be priced accordingly.
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    If i cant get a game, i'll pirate it. If i get a chance to legally buy it tho, hell yeah i will!
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    If it's a 20 year old game that no company gets any use out of, does it actually matter? Like really? The only people who profit from physical sales of older games are corrupt game shops who charge way too much for a copy.

    For example, if I download F-Zero for the SNES, who actually loses out?
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    Nintendo on the virtual console.

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    Can't be sold, like games for the Satellaview.
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    Personally? I know its wrong, but I don't really care I guess. If I play a game and like it I might eventually try to get a physical copy.
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    The morals and laws behind pirating are so wishwasy its stupid. Personally I think it is more wrong to say that a retailer is selling you a game but what you are really buying is a license to play the game. I believe if you are buying a game that is out of production and you cannot purchase at a RETAIL store then you should be able to pirate it. Is there any chance of me being able to buy the original Megami Tensei? I know you can pirate it with a English fan translation but I have yet to see a copy for sale at the many retail I've been to (excluding places like ebay).