do you charge via usb? whilst you play?

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  1. cearp

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    hi, i have a usb charging cable that i use for a 3ds.

    at the moment, the 3ds only charges when it is closed. if it is open (and on), the charing light blinks and flickers. which i assume is that it is not charging properly, and so would be bad for the 'health' of my 3ds, so i don't charge while i play. as soon as i close the 3ds, the charging light stays a steady orange, which leads me to believe that it is not a problem with the charing port on my 3ds... i hope :)

    i have not used my 3ds in a few months and i forget if i ever could charge it via usb whilst i was playing... i recently lost my usb cable so i bought another one, and have started playing on my 3ds again, but i forget if with the old usb cable i could charge and play... i doubt usb cables can be that different, there is not much to it right?

    i want to know if anyone else gets a flickering light when they charge via usb when the 3ds is open and on.

    and, i want to know if anyone DOES charge via usb whilst they play with NO problems.

    (i want to find out if there is anything wrong with my 3ds!!)

    thanks for your input, i just want to play whilst i charge, without frying my 3ds :)
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    USB is rated to only give 5V, it's not charging when the 3DS is open because the 3DS itself is using around 5V of power, so it's not getting enough power to actually charge it while in use too.

    The cable won't matter, but the USB port does. Some USB controllers ignore the sped and will give out more than 5V of power if some device needs it, others will abide by the spec and stay at about 5V. If you were previously using a port they fed it more then that might account for it.
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    I used to use a usb charger until I found out it was the cause of a strange issue; after usb charging, the touchscreen would malfunction. After a fresh ac charge, the problem expired. I would recommend not using usb to charge.
  4. cearp

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    May 26, 2008
    you mean it takes more power to charge it when it is on, than when it is off? when it is plugged in i guess it runs off the cable, and not from the battery, sure that makes sense, otherwise how you could play as soon as you plug it in, when your battery is flat empty.

    hmm, i wouldn't really need to use usb to charge, i just thought it was more convenient getting a usb cable rather than a european charging cable. basically all the other chargers i have (maybe not nintendo though, but, other things) accept 110v-240v, but with the american/japanese 3ds charger, nope...

    well thanks for the info guys.
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    I've never had a problem with USB charging in general, except for when trying to play, at which point it does cause the light to flicker. I keep a USB charger in my car though plugged into my phone charger, and I never have a problem charging in sleep mode.
  6. Xkozue

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    I know this is an old thread, but I currently have the same problem, but I'm not using a usb charger, I'm using the stock one. Did you figure out the solution??
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    I'd check the charger. Has to be bad.
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    I've 2 USB cables, one causes the issues you are having, the other does not. Either is the quality of wire used or the quality of the plug itself (at either end) the better USB cable can charge properly while playing.
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