Do you believe in Karma?

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    We all know that life tends to move in peaks and valleys. We all have good days and bad days. But do you think there's any sort of pattern to it? Do you think things happen for a reason or is life just one long string of coincidences we read too much into?

    For me, I've noticed more and more than whenever things seem to be getting bad for me, provided I stay the course and keep positive, something always seems to happen to give me a boost to get me back on my feet. Example, right now I'm absolutely broke. Zero cash to my name and badly overdrawn thanks to the extreme expense on my wife's birthday present. I've been trying to find a solution for a few days, and this morning all of a sudden a cheque from HMRC arrives to the exact tune of what I need to pay the bills, apparently I paid too much tax at one point. But it seems awfully coincidental that I just happen to get that cheque right when I need it most.

    It's not just this either. Every time I'm struggling, I rise like a phoenix. I went from being homeless, alone, and unemployable to having a solid career, my own place, and a loving family. I don't put much faith in organised religion or anything, to me joining an established religion comes at too high a cost to my psychological independance and self determination. But I can't deny that at times like this it certainly seems like somebody has my back up there. Once is a coincidence, twice is getting wierd, when it happens all the time it's a pattern. Call it a God, call it Karma, call it luck, what you want. I'm starting to think there's something more to it. I'm not so egotistical that I consider myself 'blessed' or 'special' in some regard, but there's a lot of times I've recovered from seemingly unrecoverable situations, always with a perfect solution that came right out of nowhere. I can't explain it, my world just seems to balance itself out with minimal input from me, I just surf the waves of my life and enjoy the view most days to be honest.

    So what do you think? Is Karma a real thing? Is my uncanny ability to rise like a phoenix an indication of something more, or am I just incredibly fortunate? Is there a grand design to the universe or is it simply a ball of uncontrollable chaos spinning in the void? Thoughts, opinions, experiences for/against?

    Also, while I realise I'm asking a lot here, if we could avoid turning this into a religious flame war, that'd be just swell, thanks.
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    Yes, I strongly believe in Karma.
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    what happens is always a concur of circonstances. Basically, sometjing happening to one is by its own. do actions, get rewards.
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    No. Simple as that.
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    no, i believe in SCIENCE and PHYSICS
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    Yes, but not literally. I know it's only random chance, but it's hilarious to see something bad happen to someone after they did something to someone else. :lol: I see karma as the name for that kind of random situation. Whether it's immediately after, or years later.

    EDIT: My vote is a "no" for the reason above. lol
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