Do IOS/cIOS's exist "inside" NAND? How to install Priiloader on neek2o nand?

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    After much trial and error and frustration and realizing my HDD needed reformatting, I got uneek up and running.

    I have an emunand which can boot into the emulated system menu, and then into wiiflow, just fine.

    I have priiloader on my real NAND autobooting Wiiflow.
    Wiiflow is detecting and utilizing neek2o just fine. I can launch titles from realnand WiiFlow by selecting "Launch title with neek2o".

    Here is my desired behaviour:
    Start Wii > Priiloader loads WiiFlow on realNAND>WiiFlow loads game with neek2o > Game exits back to WiiFlow on realNAND > Choose another neek2o game > Game exits back to WiiFlow on realNAND

    Here, though, is the actual behaviour:
    Start Wii > Prriiloader loads WiiFlow on realNAND>WiiFlow loads game with neek2o > Game exits back to WiiFlow on emuNAND > Choose another neek2o game > Game either blackscreens, or boots back into emuNAND sysmenu.

    IIRC I am running uneek sans-DI rev 96 , w/ 4.3u menu...and WiiFlow is 4.2.3, from the master-mod pack.

    I have this link bookmarked along with lots of other resources I saved:
    Well, I can't link it, but it's a thread called "Wiiflow-Mod and Emunand" by GBATemp user AbdallahTerro.

    Here, it says this:


    When I exit the game I'm back to SM on neek2o nand!?
    This can happen and should be fixed was finally fixed in neek2o rev93
    Tip: if you have this issue update Wiiflow to rev4.0.2 beta 712+ and neek2o to rev 93+

    Update on how things work: Using Wiiflow rev 712+ and neek2o rev93+
    1. Start Wiiflow from real nand > Start any Wiiware in normal mode > Exit game > back to Wiiflow on real nand
    2. Start Wiiflow from real nand > Start any Wiiware in neek2o mode > Exit game > back to Wiiflow on neek2o nand
    3. Start Wiiflow from Neek2o nand > Start any Wiiware in any mode > Exit game > back to Wiiflow on neek2o nand
    4. To go back to real nand select "Exit to real nand" from Wiiflow exit menu
    Tip: you can use all modes in Wiiflow running in neek2o mode

    Again, I am using at least the revs he mentions causes my problem, but still, when I exit the game I am back to WiiFlow on fake-nand. I simply want a setup where, when exiting any game from any mode, WiiFlow always goes back to running on real-nand, and the user only ever has to see WiiFlow on real-nand. Not emunand sysmenu, not emunand wiiflow.

    So regarding my title question:
    I thought I would just solve the problem by installing Priiloader on the emunand, and telling the emunand priiloader to run nSwitch, so that anytime WiiFlow tried to exit back to neek2o, it would switch back to realnand.

    But I don't know how! When I load any homebrew from WiiFlow when in emunand, only iOS58 is available. Thus, MultiModManager goes bananners, can't switch to 249 properly, and trying to run the priiloader installer from multimod manager from wiiflow from emunand just blackscreens.

    Is there a way to install Priiloader on an emulated nand?
    If I rip my real nand which has priiloader, would the emunand work with priiloader in the way that I want?
    How do I KEEP Wiiflow in "real nand" mode?

    Also, when homebrew is run from a loader which was run from neek2o mode, does that homebrew only have access to the emunand, like a sandbox? or will that homebrew still "see" the real Wii nand?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I think there is an option in ModMii.
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    It does exist in ModMii. You can load up your nand in modmii and it can make a couple modifications to it for you, one of which is inserting or removing priiloader.

    You can do the same thing ModMii does manually if you care to. Working from memory you just need to replace the first 0 with a 1 for the system menu .app file (I. E. becomes The file differs depending on the System menu version installed on the nand. Then you insert priiloader's replacement .app file in place of the original (I. E. Reversing the steps you (and/or ModMii) can uninstall priiloader from an emunand the same way

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    Rereading your issue, maybe try usbloader gx and see if that helps?
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    u can also dump nand with priiloader and if it is hbc 1.0.7 they will both work on the emu nand mine is set up that way