Do I really need an ActionReplay?

Discussion in 'NDS - Console and Game Discussions' started by mflo, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. mflo

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    Nov 16, 2006
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    Do I really need an ActionReplay to use the map editor for AnimalCross:WW? I'm using an R4, are there any other map editors out there? Could I just convert my Animal crossing saved file into AR format, edit my map, then convert it back to use on my R4?
    If I can, how?
  2. Mewgia

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    Dec 16, 2006
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    All you need is a slot 2 card (If you want to stay cheap EWin2s are like $15 on and Rein (Which works on the EWin2 thankfully). Rein can back up your saves, and then you can just stick your memory card into your computer and aibopet's ACWW map editor program.