Do I need GBA ExpLoader for my Slot-2 G6 Lite + CycloDS? I'm a lit

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    I have a CycloDS Evolution and a G6 Lite and I'd like to use it to play GBA games.

    From what I've gathered, CycloDS Evolution doesn't support the G6 Lite directly (eg. the Boot to Slot-2 option is grayed out), so I need to use the GBA ExpLoader or these "GBA Switch.nds" file I found.

    The "GBA Switch.nds" file loads like any homebrew and simply boots the G6 Lite into GBA mode and everything works.

    What is GBA ExpLoader and that is the difference between using that and my "GBA Switch.nds" file?

    Would the GBA ExpLoader supports my real-time save feature of the G6 Lite? Would I store the .GBA files on the CycloDS? Would it allow instant-saving to the MicroSD card instead of having to reboot to permenantly store the save data?

    Sorry for so many questions! I've tried searching and came up empty...