DMS install risk

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    I have a launch day DMS Wii, and I might be considering modding it.

    How risky is it for someone with steady hands but very little past sodering skill? The only thing I've done previously was soder two points together in my Action Replay so it could be compatible with newer games.
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    Probably just fine. It's a very easy install. I basically learned how to solder for the Wii, and I gotta say, it's very easy if you have any experience working with detailed stuff and have, like you said, steady hands.

    Practice soldering wires to the tiniest points you can find on an old video or sound card. If you can do that, you'll be totally fine inside the Wii. Make sure to keep the amount of solder you use small, and the time your iron is on the PCB to a minimum. Unless you're 8 years old and have no self monitoring skills you'll know when you're comfortable enough to do it on your Wii.

    I'd highly recommend soldering an 8-in socket compatible with Wiinja and the open source mods, as that's the most flexible thing you can go with and it's easy as pie. If you do this, solder the wires to the socket first, outside of the Wii. In my experience it made the job easier if I did it in that order.
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    what 8-in socket look like and where can I get 8-in socket?
    I want to do something that will allow me to use both wiikey and open source mod chip (not both at same time).
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    A socket can grabbed from an electronics shop.
    You can also such things as but USB (you will likely have to use the ground as a 5th wire and work a bit of magic) or serial ports (can be a bit harder to find these days, got an old 486 though and you are laughing) and use them instead.
    Scorpei has a nice guide:

    Some advice on solder: try and get some lead-tin stuff, the newer lead free stuff leaves a lot to be desired if you are not comfortable with soldering).

    Also poke around the soldering threads that appeared with the first chips.

    Just came across a new guide: